Happy Anniversary, Timethief

One of my spies pointed out to me that Timethief, one of the wonderful folks who help out on the wordpress.com support forums is celebrating her first year anniversary as a blogger today. She’s also writen a series of guides on blogging basics for beginners, the use of widgets, and moving around a blog within the wordpress.com domain.
I just wanted to take a second and thank her for all of her hard work over there. She’s been a big help.
Feel free to take a second and visit one of her blogs today. (I think I got them all.)

Blog of the Day


By now you’ve probably noticed the bar along the top (and hopefully the bar along the bottom ) ) of the site as well as over at the webcomic. It’s for a website called Blog of the Day created and maintained by Andy Skelton.

If you’re interested in using it, you’ll need a WordPress blog up and running. (Sorry, WP.com folks. We still can’t do plugins on our own.) It’s a simple plugin that you can grab the code from here. Once the plugin is activated, you’ll see a new tab on your Dashboard at Dashboard -> Plugins -> Blog of the Day. From there, you’ll find a link to register your blog for the program and to receive your BOTD Key. This key will work for any number of blogs.

Give it a try today. 🙂