Cough up a few bucks and get a slightly used username over at Livejournal

livejournal.pngI was poking around my sister’s LiveJournal site (Side note: She’s started one of those A Picture A Day sites as well) and noted that Livejournal allows their endusers to get previously used names that have been recently “deleted and purged.”  You can change the URL of your site for $15 bucks. (As I read it, you may have to cough that up if you get one of the used names.)

Gotta admit that I don’t know how I feel about that.  While I may gripe about and their lack of respect for their volunteers who provide the first line of support in their forums, one of the pluses I’ve had for the service is how they don’t reuse usernames.  Allowing such a feature may lead to problems with personal identity theft, confusion, and the like.  Livejournal will only keep a name around unused for 30 days. (At least that’s how I read it.) That seems like too short of a time in my opinion.