Moved the Feeds Over to Feedburner


Yup, still working on changes.  There’s more coming shortly as well.  I’ve gone ahead and fixed the lists in the footer that list the latest posts as well as comments.  I’ve also added in the updated list of most read posts for 2008.

If you’re reading this post via RSS, you may have noted that there’s a new URL. (Don’t worry.  The old URLs will redirect to the new one.) I’ve gone ahead and moved the RSS Feeds over to Feedburner.  I’ve done this so I can also offer subscriptions to my feeds via email as well.  Plus I can keep better track of how many folks read my site every day.  Last time I looked, the main RSS feed was getting accessed over 700 times every day.

As I noted, there’s no need to change your RSS reader as the old URLs redirect to the new one.  But if you want to go ahead and make the change, the new URL is:  If you want to get emails when I make new posts, there’s a subscription box to the left in the sidebar.  It’ll give you a nasty looking Captcha that you have to figure out (Took me a couple of tries when I subscribed.) but the option is now available.

If you have any problems, feel free to add your comment to this post or drop me an email.

edit: Per a request, we now also have a Feed for Comments.

Most Read Posts for 2008

trophy.gifI’ve been fixing some issues with the blog today. While doing it, I tallied up the Most Read Posts here for the year 2008. Here they are:

Maybe I should blog about free stuff more often


I made it to Denny’s this morning for their Free Grand Slam Breakfast.  It was a hair under a two hour wait and didn’t get any coupon book.  Oh well.  To be honest, the staff seemed to have forgotten the rainchecks until the very end.  And the pancakes weren’t totally cooked.  They were a little light.  But, hey, it was free food. Can’t complain about that. 🙂

I did notice a big huge spike in traffic though.  Maybe I should blog more often about free stuff. 🙂

My First Project Wonderful Banner

My first Project Wonderful banner

My first Project Wonderful banner

I’ve been reading VR Comic for quite some time now.(Although I can’t find the blog post I made about them.  Oh well.) I noticed that they’ve added in Project Wonderful advertising to their site.  I’ve had Project Wonderful advertising on my own blog as well as the Youtube Downloader for quite some time now and have built up some funds to waste.  I’d thought I would give advertsing a try and see if it helps.  It’s not really an advertising banner.  It really there to 1) test the Project Wonderful system and 2) to say thanks for the comic.

edit: I want to add the advertising to the Devana game as well.  I have to do that sometime soon.

reedit: I’ve now done this for a couple of webcomics that I read.  Since I don’t have a whole lot of money, at the very least I can support them via this method.

Comment #400 already?


Wow, it’s only been less than two months since the comment count hit 300, a long while since we hit 200 but yet we’re quickly nearing 400.  I wonder who will get it this time? (edit: We’re right at #393 as I write this.)

Oops, Did I Do That?


Just a quick note to let me know if something’s broken so I can fix it.  Hopefully within the next few days, I’ll have time to run through the site and fix all of the broken links and videos and whatnot.

Just let me know what’s busted.

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