Technorati Moves and Loses a Few Boxes


Ok, the moving truck with the Technorati sign on the driver’s door didn’t come out too well.  Sorry.  I thought the idea was funny.  I only have MS Paint handy and we all know that’s not the best program for combining images.


Every once in a while, I hop over to Technorati to see how this blog and a few others are doing. (edit: Or see who’s stealing my images and my bandwidth.) Anyway I noticed a few days ago on their support blog that they were in the process of moving data centers.  Imagine my complete surprise though that all of my claimed blogs have disappeared from my account. (edit: Hmm, the account link used to work.  I’m now getting a blank screen when I try.) No mention of this on their blogs and, to my surprise, only a few other bloggers have noted this.  In fact people are still writing instructions on how to claim your blog over at Technorati.

Folks may want to check on their own blogs over at Technorati.  There’s no mention on their site anyway about the outstanding issues with claimed blogs.  At least I’ve not been able to find anything.

Oh and if anyone has a better picture to use, feel free to send it my way.

edit: I can’t even find my own blog over there anymore. 🙁

Technorati lists Matt Cutts twice within their Top 100


You would think that a service who has a history of removing blogs from their Top 100 would actually be keeping an eye on their Top 100.  I just noticed that Matt Cutts is listed twice within their list.  A qucik check of shows that the blog has been within a ‘/blog’ subdirectory since it was created in 2005.

But yet Technorati sees the main directory as a blog.

I do hope they fix that some time soon.