Trying to remember a specific science fiction novel

I posted this on the Unshelved Answers forums but I thought I would post about it as well.  I’ve been trying to remember this title for quite some time now.  It was one of the books I lost with Angie.  I was in the middle of it when I had my health problems back in 1999 so I would like to finish it.


Just going to throw this out an yet another attempt to see if anyone
remembers it. It’s an Apocalyptic setting where the main character, I
believe a young female, is undergoing her adulthood trial which
consists of climbing a mountain. At the top she discovers aliens living

I remember it being a Science Fiction Book Club title as I received
it in the same shipment as Nancy Kress’ Beggars of Spain so that would
put it 1993ish.

It’s not Battlefield Earth which usually gets suggested to me when I ask.


Neville Would Have Done It In Four Books

neville would have done it in four books

neville would have done it in four books

Yup, I like T-Shirts. (Especially when there’s a cute babe in them.) I had dozens of them when I was in college. Most of them were fairly well warn out by the time Angie showed up in my life. I know she was eying them hoping that I would get rid of them. (Me wear sweaters?  Eeew!  *shudder*) Just because there was a few holes in them.  They weren’t that bad.

Anyway I was poking around Topato and noticed this shirt created by the folks from Sam and Fuzzy: The Neville Would Have Done It In Four Books shirt.

Yup, it’s more Harry Potter stuff.  I’ve blogged about Harry Potter previously.  Who can forget 50 Things NOT To Do At Hogwarts?

Could Neville done it in four books?  I have to wonder.  I’ve always taken the view that while the Harry Potter books were fairly tight, I always wanted to know more about the school and what was happening in the background.  The movies are known for cutting parts out of the books.  If I said that Neville could have done it in four books, that means even more would have been taken out.

Organize Your Books With LibraryThing


I know I’ve complained about my local library previously but I’m a big book person if you haven’t guessed.  Heck, my very first blog post way back when was about cats in libraries.  When Angie left, all of my books disappeared as well.  I had a lot of books back then (I worked for Waldenbooks for a few years until I realized that I was going to make less than $20k a year as a store manager.) and I have to admit that I missed them. 

Anyway, through the magic of the Internet, I’ve been slowly rebuilding my collection.  I read mostly science fiction although I have been know to read other things a time or two.  Most of what I’ve obtained I have saved on my laptop’s hard drive and I read it from my iPod Touch with Stanza.

The biggest problem besides trying to convert those files to something Stanza can read is trying to keep things organized.  I find myself using Windows search function just to find out if I have a certain book or if I have to go looking for it.  Some folks have suggested different organizers to keep things sorted but all the ones I’ve tried either didn’t work the way I liked, converted the books into weird formats or made multiple copies killing the space on my drive, or just didn’t work at all.  Right now, I’ve got a directory labeled Books on the hard drive, the 26 letters of the alphabet underneath that, and a separate folder under each of those for each author by their last name.  Not the best of solutions but they’re sorted.  The problem though is there’s no easy way to tell what I have, what authors I have, and what I’m missing. (Some of the files are corrupt as well which makes me check each and every one but that’s besides the idea of this post.)

Having a few extra bucks at the end of this month, I’ve gone ahead and paid for a year’s subscription over at LibraryThing. (I feel bad that I only had left six bucks left in my Paypal account instead of the ten that they ask for but they took it.  Hopefully I can add more to that later on someday.)  LibraryThing is an online category system that allows people to organize and catalog their book collections.  I’ve only got a single book cataloged so far (They have a limit of 200 books for free accounts.) but now I’m going to try to get more of what I have in there. (edit: Oops, got two in there now.  Been reading The Black Unicorn lately so I went ahead and added it.)

Anyone care to show off their own collections and give me another reason why I need to get organized?

edit: The image is from the LibraryThing website.  I don’t see the legal information there though so I can’t give credit besides that. 🙁

Something I’ve noticed about the File trading community

toy.jpgThere are three times as many Romance books on the file networks when compared to the number of Science Fiction and Fantasy books.  I kid you not.  I’m looking at what’s been uploaded within the 48 hours over at Demonoid and there’s three times the number of torrents for Romance books compared to Science Fiction and Fantasy

And you all thought it was the geeks who ran the net.

Friendly reminder about the Romance Novel Cover Generator. Image from here.

Paper or Plastic?

paper_or_plastic.jpgAs some folks remember, every Christmas season, I ring a bell for the local Charlotte Area Salvation Army.  Last year I skipped because I was “working” for an online software firm trying to do consulting and some custom work.  This year, I’m ringing.  More about that later.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about buying with the money that I’ll earn after I catch up on medical bills is an eBook reader.  When Angie took off, all my books went with her.  About two thousand books, 4 thousand comics, loads of role playing material, etc. all went out the door with her. (And probably into the nearby dumpster.)

Anyway, I’ve been downloading eBooks lately by the ton from where ever I can find them.  I won’t go into authors or titles but I have to admit that dragging out the laptop to read them is a pain.  Plus, where I sleep, is too far away from a plug so I wind up usually draining my battery when I want to read something.  Reading text files on the screen is kind of a pain as well.  (I haven’t tried *.lit files yet although I don’t expect much improvement) A lot of that has to do with the size of the screen I would think.  Plus the laptop is kind of heavy.  It’s too tempting to play games or help out somewhere as well when I have the laptop in front of me.

I could also go out and spend the money on actual books.  We have a number of used books around Charlotte.  I have to admit that I would rather hold a paper book in my hands instead of a piece of plastic. (Which is where the Post title comes from.) I’m sure I’d get a lot less titles that way, I already have the eBook files stored locally, but holding the physical book is more pleasurable to me.

The local Targets have one of the Sony eReaders for about $300.  I’m sure they’ll come down even more once we get closer to Christmas.


Image from Northernsun.

Anyone remember this book about blogging?

blogging_monkeysI thought I talked about it once.  I had a digital copy of it but I can’t find it.  It was like a 100 ways to be a better blogger type work with each page on a different topic.  The first one was about not blogging about your everyday life. (ie “I got up in the morning, had breakfast, etc.”)

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

It’s bugging me that I can’t find it.

Image from here.

Looking back at January



Breakfast was cool.  Had eggs, bacon, and biscuits.  I think I was the only non-church person there so i had to introduce myself a number of times but I didn’t mind.  I walk by the church twice every day when I head over to UNCC.  Didn’t get any pictures as my batteries died with the other breakfast this morning under the bridge.

I finally got a chance to look over the most read posts for January.  I probably should do some sort of Top Post widget in the sidebar. (edit: Done now.)

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