Say hello to my little friend

DSCN0826.jpgMy sister has started yet another blog, Daily Dose of Bilbo.  She’s uploading a daily picture of one of her cats, Bilbo.  Feel free to ooh and aah.  This goes along with her other daily picture blog.

edit: I wonder how long it will be until her other two cats, Bossa Nova and Rosco, will demand their own step up to stardom.

reedit: I miss my own cats.  Thanks Angie.  Where ever you are.

Your spare square can help cats

I’ve been meaning to write this one for quite some time.  You’ll have to forgive me for coming so close to the deadline.  My sister pointed me towards this.

Bangor Daily News is getting folks to knit or crochet a 6-inch square from washable yarn, such as cotton or acrylic, and send it to them. They will be sewn together into small blankets and donated to The Animal Orphanage and the Bangor Humane Society to serve as bedding for cats.

The deadline is February, 26th (I know.  I should have posted this earlier.) and those who get the squares in before then will have their names entered into a drawing form a couple of books.

More information here.

FAQ for Uploading a Picture to Your Space and Adding it to a Post

FAQ for Uploading a Picture to Your Space and Adding it to a Post.

Please note that the picture must be uploaded to your blog space for it to be seen. They can not remain on your local computer nor should you be using pictures hosted offsite as this just wastes other people’s bandwidth.

Please also respect copyright and give the source of where you found this picture if it’s someone elses. I found the kittie picture at via a Google image search for “random picture.”

The thumbnails below lead to full sized pictures.

    1 – Get a picture and save it to your local computer. appears to be able to use most graphic formats. These include *.jpg, *.gif, *.png, etc.


    2 – The next step is to begin creating your post. Sign into your blog and click on the link to “Write a Post.” This will bring you to your “Write Post” screen. Please note that for this FAQ, I am using the simple text editor, not the advanced one, as I want complete control over what goes into the post and I want to see my html.
    3 – Write your post like you normally would. Make sure you fill in all sections of the form like you normally do, such as Title, Post, Categories (if you use them), Trackbacks, etc.
    4 – Let’s now work on uploading the picture to your webspace. Before we do that though, you need to decide where in your post you want the picture. Within the “Post” space of the form, click your mouse where you would like the picture to go. DO NOT touch this text area again until the uploading of the picture is complete or you will move the picture.
    – Under the “Post” text area, you will see another form with the labels “Upload”, “Browse”, and “Browse All.” This is what we’re going to use for uploading your picture to your webspace.
    – Click on the “Upload” tab.
    – To the right of the File text box, you’ll see a button labeled “Browse…” Click on this button. This will open a standard search box within your OS. Locate your picture on your hard drive and select it. Once you have it selected, the search box will close and you will see that the File textbox is now filled in with the location of the picture on your hard drive.
    – Fill in the “Title” and “Description” text areas with any text information that you require. Note that this space is for text only, no links.


    – Once everything is filled in, click on the upload button. This will upload your picture to your webspace. The “Browse” tab should now be highlighted and a small thumbnail of your picture should now be presented.


    – Congrats! Your picture is now within your space.
    5 – The next step is moving your picture over to your post. This only takes a few steps.
    – Click on the thumbnail of your picture. You’ll now get a small menu of five options. I’m going to list what you need to do with them to more your picture over and then explain them towards the end of this FAQ.


    – Leave the “Using Thumbnail” as is.
    – Change the “Not Linked” selection to `Linked to Image.” You can do this by clicking on the “Not Linked” line and the selection will change.
    – Click on “Send to Editor.” This will fill in the necessary HTML code within the “Post” text area.
    – Click on the “Close Options” selection just to get rid of it.


    – Congrats! Your picture has now been added to your post.
    6 – Finish up with your post if there is anyting else you need to add to it and click on “Publish” button once you are ready.

View the blog. You should see your picture included within your post. If you click on the thumbnail, it will load the full size picture within your broswer.

Comments are now locked on this post. This is not the Forums. If you need assistance, you need to ask for it over there. But looking at the 5 or 6 comments that are left here every day, I have got to say that 99% of you are not reading the instructions above. Please do so before asking for assistance.

Why Cats Are Better Then Men

By Subbes

* 1. A cat always comes in SOBER after being out all night.
* 2. When a cat goes to the toilet she tries not to leave a trace.
* 3. You can put a bell around a cat’s neck so you know exactly where she is.
* 4. If you stroke a cat she won’t leap on you for sex.
* 5. You don’t mind that much if a cat brings a bird home every night.
* 6. When a cat comes in at midnight it doesn’t wake you up by smashing into the furniture.
* 7. Cats never pretend they know how to fix the video.
* 8. Cats don’t care what size your boobs are.
* 9. Cats still love you even when your perm goes wrong.
* 10. Cats love rubbing up to your legs however much cellulite you have.
* 11. Cats can be neutered if they stray.
* 12. If a cat jumps into your lap, a little light petting will satisfy her.
* 13. It’s okay if a cat rubs up against your best friend.
* 14. If you ask enough times, a cat may actually listen to you.
* 15. You never have to spend time with your cat’s mother.
* 16. Better chance of training a cat.
* 17. Cats are cute.
* 18. A cat is never late for dinner.
* 19. Cats love to see you come home from shopping with lots of bags!
* 20. You’ll never get a call from you cat’s ex-wife.
* 21. A cat would never leave you for a younger women.
* 22. Cats treat your mom with respect.
* 23. Cats don’t worry about hair loss.
* 24. I feels nice to stroke a cats soft, fluffy fur.
* 25. A cat’s friend is less likely to be annoying.
* 26. Cats can’t show love without meaning it.
* 27. To buy a fancy dinner for a cat only costs 40p
* 28. Cats actually think with their heads.
* 29. Unlike a man, a cat can fend for itself.
* 30. It is legal in all states to neuter a cat.
* 31. Cats comfort you when you are sick.
* 32. When a cat sleeps all day it’s natural, not annoying.

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