Help Dr. Mike have a holiday


Yup, still here. Been having a lot of problems with lately and I’m still trying to get things worked out over there.

New month. Bought myself a monthly bus pass so I wouldn’t have to walk around in the 90 degree weather we normally have during the month. Had some other bills as well this month as well as some small assistance to a couple of local clients as well so I’m once again tapped out.

I’m taking up a small collection and I apoligize for the short notice. Since everything’s going to be closed this July 4th for the holiday, I’m going to try to take myself out for a couple of movies (Probably Shrek and the new Fantastic Four movies) and maybe some dinner. I’m hoping to come up with about $35 for Wednesday. If you would like to drop me a few bucks, I would be very grateful. I’ll have a Paypal link up shortly in the sidebar.


Pending Downtime and Update


Just a quick mention that will be down for hopefully a
short time Wednesday morning, May 22nd, for a very large upgrade (Don’t
try loading that if you’re on dial up) as well as fixes for a pair of
outstanding issues concerning static front pages.

Taste Testing Communion Waffers

I’ve been working on adding support for different video sites found on the net over at, my own WordPress Multi User install and had on the list to add in since it gets mentioned on occasion over in the support forums. (Got all those links now?)
So anyway, I’m poking around the GotTube website looking for a demo to use over on and found this where The Real Live Preacher compares the taste of a number of different communion wafers.
If you’re offended, listen to the bit at the end where he expalins what he got out of the test.
On the subject of communion wafers

I’m so proud of myself

Check out the new Dashboard Menu we have over at
Wish the picture had come out crisper though.
Instructions are here if you want to include it within your own WordPress multiuser setup.

Been busy doing work over at

I’ve gotten a lot done during the last few days over at, my own WordPress Multiuser installation. Here’s some highlights:

  • Updated the blogging software to a more recent version as well as the support forum software.
  • Worked out the bugs with the stat program and made sure everybody was set up for it.
  • Upgraded a number of the plugins like Akismet. I still have to do the individual forums for each blog though.
  • Fixed the issue with offsitte posting clients like Blogdesk not working.
  • Worked out custom header images for a number of themes like Benevolence and Sapphire. I hope to get to more of them soon.
  • Added some themes like Cutline and Greenery.
  • Added in an option to display a banner to
  • And worked out a method to host domains for individual blogs.

Its been a busy week. Feel free to check out today. 🙂

WordPress Plugin – Send some love


Per a request over at, I whipped up a quick WordPress plugin and am making it available for download. It places the
banner in the upper right of your blog and provides a link to their
site. All you have to do is drop the oneorg.php file into your
/wp-content/plugins/ subdirectory and activate the plugin within your
Dashboard. It also work on the WordPress Multiuser platform if you make
plugins optional for your end users.

Hope this helps,



WP-Shortstat gets an upgrade

Just a quick mention that WP-ShortStat got an upgrade a few days ago. I just noticed it.

New features copied from the site:

new database format, about half the size of the old format
added to detected search engines
fix for broken referer
added debug version which shows all errors
some internal fixes (uninitialized variables, …)
disabled old country detection code

There’s also a MySQL script for reducing the size of the tables for it. That will be a big help for me over at The script doesn’t work for me though. I’ll have to fiddle with it.

WordPress Widgets – content

I’m releasing a new set of widgets that I hacked together for It’s uses the free content from I modified the link contained within it because we had some issues with sidebars that forced multiple links into multiple lines.

With this set of widgets, you can add in to your theme’s sidebar Quote of the Day, Word of the Day, Article of the Day, This Day in History, and Today’s Birthday.

Installation instructions for WordPress: Drop it into your /plugins subdirectory. You will need WordPress Widgets installed and running of course as well as a theme that uses them.

For WordPress Multiuser, the same instructions apply. You should put the file into /mu-plugins though.

Questions? Feel free to leave a comment.

Please remember that I have a wishlist as well as a collection to purchase a laptop.