Standing on the Sidewalk

Jane Lanes Home

Jane Lanes Home

I haven’t done one of these in ages.  My thanks to The Angst Guy for uploading this to the Daria Wiki.

Daria: Jane, you dyed your hair again, didn’t you?

Jane: Um, no.

Daria: And it’s green this time.  Why green?

Jane: I’ve over here, Daria.

Daria: And why are you standing there with your arms up like that?

Jane: Daria, put on your glasses.

Anyone else care to come up with a caption?

Daria and Star Trek

star trek fun.jpg

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away I used to write Daria fanfiction.  There’s some stuff that I would love to finish some day.  And there’s some stuff that I wonder why I even wrote. (No, I’m not linking to any of that stuff.)

I wrote some cross over stuff with Daria in the Star Trek universe.  I got a chuckle with most of it.  I probably should go over to the Daria Wiki and add it in there.

Some of it was fairly simple (and short) stuff where I made fun of the salt shakers as medical instruments.  And another where I just copy and pasted over the script for Star Trek 3. (OK, I’ll admit it.  Did anyone notice I was poking fun at the second season episode Arts ‘N Crass?  There’s only one line in there to point it out but you should catch it if you pay attention.)

Anyway one of my favorite works was where Jane Lane does the Kobayashi Maru sim from Star Fleet Academy.  I find myself writing Jane to be a bit more humorous than she was in the show.  Some folks liked it.  Some didn’t.

There’s also the one where I replay the first season episode The Invitation but with Quinn and Daria as Klingons.  I also explain how Upchuck got his nickname.

OK, I’m done going on about my past writings.  I should be going home anyway.

edit: And I’m fixing the frigging gallery tomorrow.  I’ve got pictures to upload.

Apocalyptic Daria by Doggieboy


Been reading an interesting piece of Daria Fanfiction today.  It’s called Apocalyptic Daria.  Daria and Jane, having skipped town and gone on a “joyride” with Daria’s mother’s car (Hmm, could have sworn that she had the SUV…) survive a nuclear attack and have to make their way back to Lawndale to their families.  Needless to say, it;s not an easy trip.  There’s language and, while not graphic, some adult topics.  It’s not that long of a read though.  There’s Part 1: We Are So Screwed as well as Part 2: There’s No Place Like Someone Else’s Home.  I hope we’ll see Part 3 shortly.

I wrote a couple years ago about the Daria fanfiction work Sarcasm at 1600.  I noticed this morning that Mike Xeno has written a few new chapters.  The latest is here.  You may want to start over from the beginning to refresh your memory.  Again, I hope we’ll see more soon.

What should I write next?

I’m thinking about doing some more writing in the future and was looking for some input on what to start off with.  Feel free to comment:


edit: Added a link to Mission to Hell Chapter #1

Looking back at January



Breakfast was cool.  Had eggs, bacon, and biscuits.  I think I was the only non-church person there so i had to introduce myself a number of times but I didn’t mind.  I walk by the church twice every day when I head over to UNCC.  Didn’t get any pictures as my batteries died with the other breakfast this morning under the bridge.

I finally got a chance to look over the most read posts for January.  I probably should do some sort of Top Post widget in the sidebar. (edit: Done now.)

Download Dragon Magazine and it’s Part #2 article.
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50 Things NOT to do at Hogwarts (And I feel bad about that as it’s not even mine.)
Robot Chicken: Charlie Brown And The Great Pumpkin
Download Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? (You can but not with those links.)
Family Guy Videos – Rock Lobster
Movable Type 4.1 gets released (*shrug* All I said was that it was released.)
Crash on Volturnus – Chapter 1 (I really should go back and work on that. I liked writing that stuff.)
Pairings (Another old Daria fanfiction piece that I had written way back when.)
How to stop the irritating “Updating your computer is almost complete – Restart Now?” message

Daria works got posted over at Gromet’s

Daria from MTV

Daria from MTV

Just a quick note to mention that a pair of my Adult Daria works got posted over at Gromet’s Plaza site. Do note that this is an adult site before you go over there. 🙂

Two Hours Early
In the Trunk

You can also read the first work, the one that started all of this here: Late Night Nightmare. You can also read the works here on my site: Two Hours Early and In the Trunk.

I’ve been asked if there will be a sequel. I had started one but never finished it. I thought I had saved it with my other Daria works but have yet to find it on any of my Archive CDs. I’m still looking though.

edit: The forum for Gromet’s site is here in case you’re interested.