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Just a quick note to mention that I added in CoComment here so you can keep track of your comments. You’ll note that icon next to the ‘Submit Comment’ button if you’re logged into that service.
I know I get a lot of folks here. You can use this service to track your comments that you make but you can’t add in the button to your blogs over at
I’m using the Show CoComments to display my comments that I have left elsewhere and the iG:CoComment plugin to display the button.

Daria works got posted over at Gromet’s

Daria from MTV

Daria from MTV

Just a quick note to mention that a pair of my Adult Daria works got posted over at Gromet’s Plaza site. Do note that this is an adult site before you go over there. 🙂

Two Hours Early
In the Trunk

You can also read the first work, the one that started all of this here: Late Night Nightmare. You can also read the works here on my site: Two Hours Early and In the Trunk.

I’ve been asked if there will be a sequel. I had started one but never finished it. I thought I had saved it with my other Daria works but have yet to find it on any of my Archive CDs. I’m still looking though.

edit: The forum for Gromet’s site is here in case you’re interested.

Welcome to my Blog!


This blog is a catch all for all sorts of things. My interests range all over the place. They include my work in the support forums, my Kim Possible webcomic, my current Kim Possible fanfiction, my past Daria fanfiction and shorts. You’ll also find videos from YouTube, Star Frontiers stuff, stuff I pull from over at deviantArt and, the occasional Desktop for your computer and the occasional news article of interest. If you care to chat, I have set up forums over here.

Projects and other interests include:

Daria – Doctor Who fanfiction

We’ve been talking a bit about Doctor Who fanfiction over at one of the Kim Possible Forums and I wanted to direct their users to a Daria – Doctor Who fanfiction work written by Yui Daoren called Doctor Who Gives a Damn. Problem is the site censor is eating the title and throwing in a changed word causing the link to become a 404.

So I’m going to link to this post and then have you go over there from here.

Hope this helps,

Doctor Who Gives a Damn