Shego Desktop Wallpaper from deviantArt

MentalFloss gives us some darn cool Kim Possible Desktop Wallpaper. It’s Shego at her sexy best.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a featured desktop wallpaper. I see some visitors coming in with that search term so I’ll try to do more soon. I also keep an eye out for other Kim Possible artwork that I discover while at deviantArt.


New Kim Possible Fan Artwork by ivymae457 over at deviantArt


IvyMae457 gives us a wonderful piece of Kim Possible fan artwork. The neat thing about it is that she did it completely in Microsoft Word. She also issues a challenge to “see if you can make a picture in Word using the Auto Shapes (Basic shapes, Block Arrows, Flowcharts, Stars and Banners, and Callouts)”

Give it a try.

edit: See other Kim Possible deviantArt artwork here. Anything I come across that I like, I post a thumbnail and a link to it.

reedit: I made a mention about it over at PPMB. Maybe we can get a Daria fanartist to do the same.

KimPossible: The Ron Report

From here:

“It’s senior year now, so the stakes are raised. Dating
changes everything for Kim and Ron. As if first love isn’t challenging
enough, they have mean queen Bonnie Rockwaller trying to sabotage them
at every opportunity. She just can’t stand to see Kim happy, especially
since her boyfriend, Brick, has graduated and gone off to college.

On missions, we’ll introduce colorful new villains and bring back
some favorite allies. Now that Wade has finally gotten out of his room,
he’ll be dropping in personally to present Kim and Ron with new
inventions and techno gear.

In one episode, when the crime gets personal, Monique suits up and
jumps into action alongside Kim. Once she gets a taste of real action,
Monique becomes a valuable asset to Team Possible with her fashion
skills applied for undercover disguises.

At school, Kim’s senior year social scene will take a turn for the
cursed when her rambunctious genius brothers skip a few grades into
Middleton High. Kim will meet a mysterious relative, whose appearance
will force Kim to make a dramatic choice. We’ll also see more of Ron’s
home life this season, as his only child status comes to an abrupt end.”

Harry Potter Artwork from over at Deviantart

OK, how about some Harry Potter artwork for a change?

Older stuff but I think you’ll like it.

anathemasremedy gives us Harry Potters Just Desserts.


Nilessa gives us Harry Potter is Gullible.


Jo-yumegari gives us a little Harry Potter Parodya_little_parody____by_jo_yumegari.jpg

Tanci gives us Harry Potter – Trouble in Potions


SpookyDoom gives us Harry Potter and the Wheel of Fortune.


Lince gives us a picture of the three Harry Potter Characters – Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Looby the Pirate does as well.


hermionemalfoy gives us Conceited.


Blasted Goose gives us What if…, a look at the Harry Potter Characters if their genders were switched around.


And finally Rinacat gives us a pair. That Darn Cat and her Secret Santa for Kiwikewte, Kim Possible and the other characters done up as Harry Potter characters.



New Kim Possible Pictures over on DeviantArt

Well, seems like people keep visiting here for links to the Kim Possible pictures over at deviantArt, I’ll guess we’ll link some more.

Let’s see what we have today…

Levelord gives us another Kim Possible in a little black dress. This is actually done by an artist called Beerman that Levelord is posting for. Kind of a take of Sharon Stone’s role in Basic Instinct. Probably not what I would call work safe but it’s not too bad.

Kim Possible in a little black dress by Beerman

CarbonF gives us a nice Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible piece called Dazed and Confused. We also get Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable in Rock and Roll.


SonicElectronic gives us Bonnie, Connie & Lonnie from Kim Possible in Goes Around, Comes Around.

A new artist for me going by the name Goofmore gives us a Curious George/ Kim Possible Crossover in Ron’s New Friend.

Curious George/ Kim Possible Crossover in Ron's New Friend

And finally, because I’m out of time, ivymae457 gives us Ron Stoppable’s new tattoo in OMG Ron, you didn’t?

Ron Stoppable's new tattoo in OMG Ron, you didn't?

edit: Had to fix a few links. Sorry about that.