Download the Doctor Who RPG


I come across a lot of file sharing links for a lot of the role playing games I used to play.  Have another one here.  It’s for the old Doctor Who RPG put out by FASA.  There’s not a whole lot here but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

When you’re done with that, be sure to check out Timelord: Adventures Through Time and Space, another Doctor Who RPG that’s now available for free. (You can also find a fan site here for the game.)

And be sure to check out the other links I’ve come across previously.

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Daria – Doctor Who fanfiction

We’ve been talking a bit about Doctor Who fanfiction over at one of the Kim Possible Forums and I wanted to direct their users to a Daria – Doctor Who fanfiction work written by Yui Daoren called Doctor Who Gives a Damn. Problem is the site censor is eating the title and throwing in a changed word causing the link to become a 404.

So I’m going to link to this post and then have you go over there from here.

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Doctor Who Gives a Damn

TARDIS review

I found this while hitting random blogs within my dashboard. It’s a fairly detailed review of the new TARDIS on the BBC’s Doctor Who show that has been recently relaunched. Makes for interesting reading.