Is Your Nose Red?


I was going to make this big long post comparing the two different Comic Relief organizations we have, one here in the States and one over in England (edit: Actually there’s two in the States: Here’s the other one.) but something just came up and I have to run out for the rest of the day.  Here’s a picture of Carocat, the one of twitter fame, with her red nose.  March 13th, 2009 is Red Nose Day over in England, a fundraiser for the British version of Comic Relief.  None of the videos and whatnot work for me since I’m here in the US. 

Learn while going some good

Help end world hungerI have to admit that I’ve looked over this site a few times as wondering how they could pull it off. For every silly little click, someone somewhere gets 10 grains of rice donated to them from someone else.

I don’t know why but for some reason, it just didn’t sit well with me.  Which was kind of weird since I work with so many organizations who do donations like this.

Anyway, I got pointed to the site again this morning and I noticed that updated the site a bit.  Instead of just sitting there mindless clicking on an icon, there’s a bit of teaching involved.  When you visit the site, you get a English Vocabulary question that you have to solve.  Get it right, the 10 grains get donated and you get a slightly harder question.  Get it wrong and all that anyone gets is you getting an easier question.  For example, I got the word “prompt” and asked if it means “inflammable, gutless, very tired or punctual.” Pick punctual and your total goes up by ten.

If you’re like me and English isn’t the strongest skill in your skill set, there’s other categories like World Capitals (I’m not touching that one) and Chemical Symbols.  Are you a bit of an artist?  Try the Famous Paintings category.  Or try one of the Mathematics categories.  And if you would like to work on your language skills, there’s French, Spanish, German, and Italian vocabulary.

My thanks to Pia for the link.

Christian Children’s Fund Rejects the Goodwill of RolePlaying Gamers


Stories like this trouble me.  Every year GenCon, what’s probably the largest annual gaming convention, holds a charity auction for the sponsored charity that year.  Two years ago, it was Make-A-Wish.  Last year it was Christel House International.

This year, the charity was supposed to be Christian Children’s Fund. They were chosen by Gary Gygax‘s estate because he had supported the organization previously.  Some folks state that they were his favorite charity.  Instead they turned down the money as well as their status as official charity.

It’s being reported that the organization turned down the money because they felt the money would have been tainted since it was coming from gamers and from the sales of gaming material, specifically Dungeons and Dragons material.  Or as Rich Burlew puts it “puts an irrevocable taint of evil on the filthy lucre that us demon-worshipping gamers might want to use to, say, donate to starving children.”

Now there’s two sides to this story of course along with some gray area.  CCF is stating they they turned down the position because of misuse of their logo.  Not sure why they couldn’t work with GenCon to straighten out the mess nor do we know what these other reasons were because the logo misuse but that is their response.  Folks are also stating that they’ll never give the organization another cent while others are suggesting that we should all remain calm and hope and pray that things will work out.   Others are quesioning their “Christian” status.

But then we have the gray area.  Folks seem to be forgetting that GenCon is currently being sued for an outstanding donation by LusasArts for the Make-A-Wish Auction a couple of years back.

Who’s right and who’s wrong?  Well the money this year went to Fisher House Foundation and they received almost twice what was raised the previous year.  CCF’s response really sounds like butt covering and damage control to me but they may have had an issue with the use of their logo.  We don’t really know and chances are we’ll probably never know.  They have every right to reject and and all donations that they receive.  Politicians do this all the time.  Of course nothing was stopping them from taking the money and keeping their mouths shut.

Me?  I’m just impressed that I actually wrote an actual blog post.  Even with that annoying bug screwing up the editor.  How often do you see that?

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edit: There’s an interesting thread on the Giant in the Playground forums that’s worth a read.  And, yes, I’m aware that there’s a number of typos in the Post.  I’ll fix them later when I have the time.