Spiderman outs himself to the press

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For a comic book hero, it’s the ultimate taboo.

In the latest edition of the Marvel comic “Civil War” on sale, Spiderman does the unthinkable and removes his Spidey mask to publicly reveal his hidden identity.

“I’m proud of who I am, and I’m here right now to prove it,” the legendary webslinger tells a press conference called in New York’s Times Square, before pulling off his mask and standing before the massed ranks of reporters as newspaper photographer Peter Parker.

PS2 Included with Every PS3

GameDaily reports that Japanese magazine “Ultra One” has discovered PS3 will include the PS2 chipset hardware to provide hardware-based backwards compatibility until a software-based emulator is complete, upon which PS2 hardware will cease to ship PS2 hardware within the PS3, possibly allowing for a small price reduction.


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The Wisdom of Paris Hilton

Ever since her rise to fame on the international party circuit, the debate has raged in the gossip columns from Los Angeles to London. Is the heiress Paris Hilton really the most air-headed socialite the world has ever seen? Or, as her supporters claim, is her dizzy bimbo act so outrageous that it can only be a deliberate, if off-beat, self-marketing ploy?[…]

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`Baby Jessica,’ now 19, reportedly marries

    MIDLAND, Texas (AP) — A published report says “Baby Jessica,” whose
    dramatic rescue from an abandoned Texas well was televised across the
    country 18 years ago, has gotten married.

When it comes to violent crime, New Orleans’ gain may be Houston’s loss

    Crime may be down in New Orleans, but many of the city’s bad guys
    seem to be turning up in Houston, which finds itself caught in the
    cross hairs of an apparent gang war between Hurricane Katrina evacuees
    from two rival housing projects.

Steve Jobs owns your living room

    NEW YORK (FORTUNE) – On Wednesday night, Gene Munster was thinking
    about going to the movies; but he did something else instead. He spent
    $1.99 to watch a campy 1960s TV show on his laptop. The first season of
    the Munsters — a comedy about a family of monsters and their struggles
    to lead an all-American life — was available for download on iTunes.
    Munster, for obvious reasons, couldn’t resist.

Lez Zeppelin: A band that flips the Page

    NEW YORK (Reuters) — Four women rockers who took on the music of
    Led Zeppelin are driving club audiences to a frenzy and, offstage,
    whipping up speculation over their sexual tastes with the name of the
    band: Lez Zeppelin.

NutriSystem lures men with pizza and sex

    PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) — Nate Griffin, a former Army
    sergeant, watches what he eats. He’s even tried juice diets to shed
    pounds. But ask him if he’d join a group to talk about weight loss and
    he cringes.

Museum visitor trips, breaks Chinese vases

    CAMBRIDGE, England (AP) — A museum visitor shattered three Qing
    dynasty Chinese vases when he tripped on his shoelace, stumbled down a
    stairway and brought the vases crashing to the floor, officials said

Al Qaeda’s No. 2 taunts U.S. in new video

    (CNN) — Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man, Ayman al-Zawahiri,
    appeared in a new video Monday, saying he is alive and well just weeks
    after a U.S. missile strike targeted him in Pakistan.

Canadian music giant funds battle against RIAA

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Canada’s biggest record label, publisher and management company is helping out a family sued by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)for copyright infringement.

The privately-owned Nettwerk Music Group is intervening, it says, because the songs downloaded by the Gruebel family include Avril Lavigne, a Nettwerk management client. Nettwerk will fund the Gruebel’s defense.

“The current actions of the RIAA are not in my artists’ best interests,” said Nettwerk chief executive Terry McBride in a statement.

“Litigation is not `artist development’. Litigation is a deterrent to creativity and passion and it is hurting the business I love.”

Chicago lawyer Charles Lee Mudd will defend the Gruebels.

Mudd said the RIAA has “misapplied” the law and that lawsuits should be a “shield, not a sword”.

The RIAA has demanded the family pay a $9,000 penalty, reduced to $4,500 if they pay up promptly. Nettwerk has vowed to foot the legal bill if it loses the case.

Futurama is to go on

Billy West, who voiced Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg and Zapp Brannigan on Futurama, confirms that there will be *4* Futurama movies.

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Here’s the official word on Futurama!!
David X. phoned me about an hour ago and said that this Futurama project
is a done deal! Here’s the word from DX–
There are 4 DVD movies that we’ll start recording at the end of July or
August.Full feature length FUTURAMA movies.
Everybody is excited to get back together-as I am!

Into the Future,

Last we had heard about it, it was going back to television, ala how Family Guy did.