Kim Possible Fanfiction: Ezbok58a

Ezbok58a gives us this short work: Modern Day Robin Hoods

An alternate reality story. Kim and Ron are a couple of Bank Robbers stealing the surplus earnings of the nations big oil companies in hopes of dropping the price of gasoline, only the FBI has been called in, and Kim’s old rival Bonnie Rockwaller is leading the investigaton that’s meant to stop them.
Will they get away, or will they drive Bonnie to the brink in this high speed, high action thriller!

Kim Possible Fan Fiction

Yes, I know. I’ve been going crazy with the Kim Possible captions and what not. We seem to get a lot of visits from people looking for Kim Possible work. *shrug*
Been reading G-Go‘s works lately. Really have been enjoying them. My favorite so far has been Reunion. Kim Possible comes back to Middleton after ten years only to discover that Ron is hiding a secret from her. It’s a good read.
Another good read is MrDrP‘s Kim Possible : The Next Generation where he drops most if not all of the Kim Possible characters into the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe.
And, of course, another mention of my Kim Possible – Mission to Hell work. I swear I’m working on Chapter 2 as we speak. 🙂