An Early Christmas Present: Demonoid is Back Online

demonoid logo

demonoid logo

Just yet another quick mention in case you didn’t see the article on Torrent Freak that Demonoid is back online and sort of working.  The forums are still offline but maybe that’s a good thing as it’ll give the moderators a chance to review the rules one more time and hopefully pay attention to this this time around.  The servers still seem to be stressed a bit as 404’s and Server overloaded errors abound.

The tracker has been up for awhile now.  The indexer and the main site have now returned.

Yes, I have invites but no I’m not giving them out as I don’t want to put my own account at risk. (edit: I think waiting until they resolve the rest of their issues would be best anyway before overtaxing their servers with new users.)

BestBuy Sells 52 Inch TVs for Ten Bucks. How Many Did You Buy?


Yes, it’s a pricing error. 😉

I read this morning over on the Demonoid support forums that Best Buy was selling a Samsung 52″ LCD HDTV for $9.99.

That’s right.  Ten bucks.  Picture to the left.  In case you can’t read it, it’d model #LN52A650.

You would still have to pay a flat $70 for the delivery, a buck in tax and a $25 recycling fee but that still only comes to a total of $106 total for the first one and about eleven bucks ($9.99 for the television and the buck for tax.) for each additional one.

From looking at the timestamps of the threads, it took BestBuy no less than 6 hours to notice the mistake and pull the advertising.  Some posters ordered upwards of a dozen before the advert disappeared and then wondered if they would actually get the wide screen televisions.

After pulling the error, BestBuy issued a correction and refused to honour the price.  They also locked the thread to prevent people complaining I noticed.  Didn’t stop anyone though.  There’s no less than three other threads on the topic. (edit: Oops, found a fourth.)

So what do you think?  Should BestBuy honour the price?  Amazon sells the television for just under $1,300.  BestBuy would lose over a thousand dollars per unit sold.  But if they don’t, they’ll probably lose the business of all the customers who bought those televisions.  I didn’t get one but will think twice about shopping there again.

edit: Looks like it made the news.  Even the Christian Science Monitor picked up the story.  Some folks feel that maybe this was just a marketing stunt to draw folks into the site.

Play a Game of Tetris with uTorrent’s Easter Egg


I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fan when it comes to Easter Eggs.  Easter Eggs, if you didn’t know, are little surprises programmers sometimes live inside their programs for users to fine.  uTorrent, a BitTorrent file trading client, has a pair of them.  From the Help -> About drop down menu selection, press the ‘T’ key on your keyboard for a decent game of Tetris.

Also if you click on the uTorrent logo within the About popup, you should get some music that you may recognize.

Something I’ve noticed about the File trading community

toy.jpgThere are three times as many Romance books on the file networks when compared to the number of Science Fiction and Fantasy books.  I kid you not.  I’m looking at what’s been uploaded within the 48 hours over at Demonoid and there’s three times the number of torrents for Romance books compared to Science Fiction and Fantasy

And you all thought it was the geeks who ran the net.

Friendly reminder about the Romance Novel Cover Generator. Image from here.

Download the Doctor Who RPG


I come across a lot of file sharing links for a lot of the role playing games I used to play.  Have another one here.  It’s for the old Doctor Who RPG put out by FASA.  There’s not a whole lot here but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

When you’re done with that, be sure to check out Timelord: Adventures Through Time and Space, another Doctor Who RPG that’s now available for free. (You can also find a fan site here for the game.)

And be sure to check out the other links I’ve come across previously.

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Why I am beginning to really hate file sharing


For those of you sitting at home wondering what that screen capture is, it’s a copy of traffic for a single torrent in uTorrent.  For every byte I’m currently downloading, fourteen bytes are being uploaded. 


I have to admit that this is becoming annoying.  In the hour or so I’ve been sitting here, I’vbe downloaded about 17 megs.  I’ve uploaded to other folks just under 200 megs.

Kind of one sided, don’t you think?

ADrive lets down it’s clients


Hmm, I seem to have the worse luck with online storage sites.

The error that you see over on the left there has been staring at me for the past five days when I try to log into ADrive.  There’s a post on their blog apologizing for the problems and saying that there will be a fix as soon as possible, hopefully within two days.

That was four days ago.

I wouldn’t mind the problems but my laptop’s hard drive is full and I’m all out of DVDs to burn files to.  Kind of in a bind here.

I did email their customer support address.  They basically said the same thing as what’s in the blog post there.  They did respond though and I believe that to be a good sign.

What’s strange about all of this is that it seems like ADrive’s problems seem to have gone unnoticed by the blogging world.