An Early Christmas Present: Demonoid is Back Online

demonoid logo

demonoid logo

Just yet another quick mention in case you didn’t see the article on Torrent Freak that Demonoid is back online and sort of working.  The forums are still offline but maybe that’s a good thing as it’ll give the moderators a chance to review the rules one more time and hopefully pay attention to this this time around.  The servers still seem to be stressed a bit as 404’s and Server overloaded errors abound.

The tracker has been up for awhile now.  The indexer and the main site have now returned.

Yes, I have invites but no I’m not giving them out as I don’t want to put my own account at risk. (edit: I think waiting until they resolve the rest of their issues would be best anyway before overtaxing their servers with new users.)

Play a Game of Tetris with uTorrent’s Easter Egg


I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fan when it comes to Easter Eggs.  Easter Eggs, if you didn’t know, are little surprises programmers sometimes live inside their programs for users to fine.  uTorrent, a BitTorrent file trading client, has a pair of them.  From the Help -> About drop down menu selection, press the ‘T’ key on your keyboard for a decent game of Tetris.

Also if you click on the uTorrent logo within the About popup, you should get some music that you may recognize.

Why I am beginning to really hate file sharing


For those of you sitting at home wondering what that screen capture is, it’s a copy of traffic for a single torrent in uTorrent.  For every byte I’m currently downloading, fourteen bytes are being uploaded. 


I have to admit that this is becoming annoying.  In the hour or so I’ve been sitting here, I’vbe downloaded about 17 megs.  I’ve uploaded to other folks just under 200 megs.

Kind of one sided, don’t you think?