Gallery vs Flickr: Which to Choose?

As some folks have noted, the Gallery is busted.  I moved around some sites a while back and I’m still having an issue with getting it set back up. (The server still things it’s in the old hosting account when it’s not.) I have to admit that I haven’t been taking many pictures lately.  The interest has kind of slacked off and, with the cold outside, it’s kind of hard trying to get something that will come out with the tremor and all.

I’m tempted to give Flickr a try instead.  I don’t mind hosting my own pictures, especially since I was using the Gallery install as my own testbed for my clients.  I would think that with them over there at Flickr, more people would see them.

Of course more folks would probably make light of the tremor which would be an issue.  I’m not big on using outside sites to host my content either.