WP-Forums is hackable

drmike-128.jpgI’m no longer supporting WordPress but I wanted to mention this as I had been suggesting this WordPress plugin to folks in the WordPress Multiuser forums previously.

It’s been announced that the wp-forums plugin is hackable and a security risk.  Considering that the author hasn’t been around much, don’t expect a fix for it any time soon.

I, for one, have been suggesting folks use Simple Forum instead.  There’s no import route though for you to use.

Got called a spammer this morning

*chuckle* Gotta love this:
I’ve been playing RuneScape for the past few days and spending time over at Sal’s Runescape forum. I had a question about carrying gold and asked it. During the discussion, I thanked the responders for their responses trying to be polite.
Imagine my surprise when I get a note from a moderator over there stating that I had spammed. His reasoning was that if a post does not add to the content of the discussion, it would automattically be considered spam.
While I agree with that rule, can understand it and fully support it, please note that my thanking folks for their time is considered spam. That means politeness is spammy. Whoa!
I also disagree with that I didn’t add to the content of the discussion. My thanking folks acknowledged that I read the discussion and thanked them for their time. I had been told by another moderator that we should always stated that we had our questions answered and that’s what I did.
So I’m an evil spammer. I guess I should go hang my head in shame. Mind you that the forums are filled with worse issues that are being ignored.
Bloodly hell.

New Stuff: Digg and del.icio.us and Gravatars, oh my!

Ok, we now have Digg.com and del.icio.us links on all of the articles. If you have one of those accounts and enjoy an article here, please feel free to post those articles to those services.
Also I’ve gone ahead and added in Gravatars. Those are those little pictures you see beside the comments. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them if you use that service as well. It’s sort of like an avatar for bloggers. Mine’s still pending.
Oh and yes. We have a forum set up at forums.tdjc.be if you want to stop by and visit. It was going to be for the Daria.be site. More about that tomorrow.
Thanks again for visiting,