BestBuy Sells 52 Inch TVs for Ten Bucks. How Many Did You Buy?


Yes, it’s a pricing error. 😉

I read this morning over on the Demonoid support forums that Best Buy was selling a Samsung 52″ LCD HDTV for $9.99.

That’s right.  Ten bucks.  Picture to the left.  In case you can’t read it, it’d model #LN52A650.

You would still have to pay a flat $70 for the delivery, a buck in tax and a $25 recycling fee but that still only comes to a total of $106 total for the first one and about eleven bucks ($9.99 for the television and the buck for tax.) for each additional one.

From looking at the timestamps of the threads, it took BestBuy no less than 6 hours to notice the mistake and pull the advertising.  Some posters ordered upwards of a dozen before the advert disappeared and then wondered if they would actually get the wide screen televisions.

After pulling the error, BestBuy issued a correction and refused to honour the price.  They also locked the thread to prevent people complaining I noticed.  Didn’t stop anyone though.  There’s no less than three other threads on the topic. (edit: Oops, found a fourth.)

So what do you think?  Should BestBuy honour the price?  Amazon sells the television for just under $1,300.  BestBuy would lose over a thousand dollars per unit sold.  But if they don’t, they’ll probably lose the business of all the customers who bought those televisions.  I didn’t get one but will think twice about shopping there again.

edit: Looks like it made the news.  Even the Christian Science Monitor picked up the story.  Some folks feel that maybe this was just a marketing stunt to draw folks into the site.

Free Stuff on Tax Day

Empty Pockets

Empty Pockets

So did you get your taxes done yet?  Granted, if you’re not in the United States, that question is kind of moot.  My taxes have been done for ages.  I did mine on OLT.  Haven’t gotten my refund yet though.

Anyway, here’s a list of free stuff you can get today.  This is taken from a number of different sites.  Hope you get something out of the list.  The only thing I can get on here is the free cookies at Subway but there’s none near me.  🙁  Oh well.

Free offers:

The deal: All Cinnabon restaurants are giving away a free order of Cinnabites to each customer.

Maggie Moo’s
The deal: At participating Maggie Moo’s, get one free single-scoop ice cream cone.

Taco del Mar
deal: Receive a free taco voucher via e-mail after filling out this
form. The printable coupon must be presented in person at Taco del Mar
to receive your free taco.

Energy Kitchen
The deal: From the
hours of 12 pm until 2 pm, receive a free lunch from Energy Kitchen
(New York City only) when you purchase a beverage.

deal: At participating locations, hold on to your receipt tomorrow and
return before April 30th to receive the same meal for free. (Contact
your local store to find out if they’re participating.)

deal: Baltimore-area McDonald’s locations will give away free small
McCafes or medium iced McCafe Coffees throughout the day. Plus,
starting at noon, McDonald’s will be giving away free McDonald’s stamps
at three post offices in Baltimore, Columbia, and Annapolis.

Discount offers:

McCormick & Schmick’s
deal: Participating restaurants will have a special $10.40 menu
(entrées are usually priced at $15 to $20). Drinks will also be
discounted, such as Sam Adams Deduction Draft. Plus, every customer
will receive a $10.40 gift certificate for future visits.

Papa John’s
deal: Get a large cheese pizza with up to three toppings for $10.40
when you activate coupon code “1040” now through midnight on April 15th.

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
deal: P.F. Chang’s will cut 15% off your total food and drinks bill.
Plus, participating restaurants will offer their Chang’s for Two
prix-fixe menu (a 4-course dinner for two) for $39.95.

T.G.I. Friday’s
deal: Receive a $5 Bonus Bites gift card for free when you spend $15 or
more at T.G.I. Friday’s. Or, receive a free $10 Bonus Bites gift card
when you spend over $25. Plus, all day long members can earn double
stripes on their purchases (spending $50 or more yields an $8

Va Pensiero
The deal: Live in Evanston, IL? If
so, head to Va Pensiero to drown away your sorrows with 15-cent gin or
vodka martinis all night with the purchase of dinner.

Sambuca Cafe
deal: In New York City only, Sambuca Cafe is offering 5-cent espressos
and 10-cent cappuccinos from 4 pm to 7 pm on April 15th.

One if By Land Two if By Sea
deal: Get 50% off your entire dinner (drinks included) when you mention
“Family & Friends discount” at this New York City restaurant.
Dinner starts at 5 pm and the last seating is at 11 pm. For
reservations (which are still available), call 212-255-8649.

If you have anything else to add to the list, free free to add it as a comment.

Two Free Tacos from Jack in the Box


Yup, more free food coming our way.

I gather Jack from Jack in the Box has broken his head.  At least that’s the promotion they’re running now.  Of course that big white head of his would be hard to miss. 🙂

Anyway Jack in the Box is giving away two free tacos on February 24th, 2009 with the coupon that you can print from their website.  A few folks have expressed their annoyance with how they prepare their tacos but hey free food is free food.

Learn while going some good

Help end world hungerI have to admit that I’ve looked over this site a few times as wondering how they could pull it off. For every silly little click, someone somewhere gets 10 grains of rice donated to them from someone else.

I don’t know why but for some reason, it just didn’t sit well with me.  Which was kind of weird since I work with so many organizations who do donations like this.

Anyway, I got pointed to the site again this morning and I noticed that updated the site a bit.  Instead of just sitting there mindless clicking on an icon, there’s a bit of teaching involved.  When you visit the site, you get a English Vocabulary question that you have to solve.  Get it right, the 10 grains get donated and you get a slightly harder question.  Get it wrong and all that anyone gets is you getting an easier question.  For example, I got the word “prompt” and asked if it means “inflammable, gutless, very tired or punctual.” Pick punctual and your total goes up by ten.

If you’re like me and English isn’t the strongest skill in your skill set, there’s other categories like World Capitals (I’m not touching that one) and Chemical Symbols.  Are you a bit of an artist?  Try the Famous Paintings category.  Or try one of the Mathematics categories.  And if you would like to work on your language skills, there’s French, Spanish, German, and Italian vocabulary.

My thanks to Pia for the link.

Maybe I should blog about free stuff more often


I made it to Denny’s this morning for their Free Grand Slam Breakfast.  It was a hair under a two hour wait and didn’t get any coupon book.  Oh well.  To be honest, the staff seemed to have forgotten the rainchecks until the very end.  And the pancakes weren’t totally cooked.  They were a little light.  But, hey, it was free food. Can’t complain about that. 🙂

I did notice a big huge spike in traffic though.  Maybe I should blog more often about free stuff. 🙂

Free Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s – 2/3/2009

dennys-weekday-breakfast-slam.jpgThis just came my way.  It’s being reported that Denny’s will run a commercial during the Superbowl offering a free grand slam breakfast on February, 3rd, 2009.   Haven’t seen much in the way of sites promoting this and I’m not going to be able to watch the Superbowl tonight.  Would love to hear back from someone if they see it on television.  We actually have a Denny’s here in Charlotte.  Well one left, just north of the city.

Here’s the copy:

Every guest from 6AM – 2PM on Tuesday will receive 1 free Grand slam, and 1 free coupon book with 8 coupons in it. Each coupon book has 4 BOGO’s, 2- 25% off coupons, 1 coupon good for free dessert , and 1 coupon good for a free order of pancake puppies. Each Denny’s in the US received 1,000 of these coupon books to hand out to guests on Tuesday who order a free Grand Slam.

Per Denny’s Corporate every store also received 500 Grand Slam rain check coupons. Denny’s has instructed each manger to hand these rain checks out good for a free Grand Slam to any guest who can’t wait.

Denny’s spent 3 million on the Super Bowl ad, and tons more on a full page ad this coming Monday in USA Today. They are taking this very seriously and instructing all stores to staff as if it’s a major Holiday and for the staff to be as friendly as humanly possible.

Commercial during the SuperBowl will announce this.

And don’t forget that we’ll have iHop’s Free Pancake Day on the 24th as well.

edit: This has now been confirmed.  A copy of the commercial is after the fold if you want to view it.

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2009 National Pancake Day – February 24th


Here we go again.

Get your free short stack of pancakes at iHop on February 24th.  They do ask you to consider making a donation to support local children’s hospitals through Children’s Miracle Network, or other local charities. (Tipping the wait staff would probably also be a plus.) The one I usually go to doesn’t go along with this promo but there’s a couple more around Charlotte that I can try.

Discovered from here.

I wonder if anyone will see Jesus.

Swimming in coffee


Here’s a question for you: If you had the opportunity to pay a single fee to get an unlimited service, would you go for it?  Every year, Bruegger’s does an unlimited or bottomless coffee cup.  You pay a single fee ranging from $109 to $149 depending on what market you’re in and you get unlimited coffee, tea, and soda with it.  The cool thing about it is that they have free wifi in most of their locations.  That’s a pretty big chunk of money right up at the front but think about it for a second.  If you drink a single cup of coffee each day, that works out to about 50 cents for each of those cups.  And if you spend a couple of hours on line on one of their locations like I do and wind up pdrinking three cups of coffee or tea, the average comes down to about 20 cents.  Paying the $129 in my case fee up front was rather hard.

I have to admit though that I feel guilty when I go in there.  I usually don’t get anything else to eat like a bagel or muffin or cookies.  They’ve got to be losing money on my transactions.  Since my food budget is so limited, this really is the only way I can drink coffee during the day.  I also feel guilty about all the cups I go through although I usually stay with a single cup for the entire time I’m there.

Carley Thornell of the Boston Herald does an interesting article on unlimited or one-fee-for-unlimited-service programs.

edit: If for some reason you’re interested, you can read the press release.