Swimming in coffee


Here’s a question for you: If you had the opportunity to pay a single fee to get an unlimited service, would you go for it?  Every year, Bruegger’s does an unlimited or bottomless coffee cup.  You pay a single fee ranging from $109 to $149 depending on what market you’re in and you get unlimited coffee, tea, and soda with it.  The cool thing about it is that they have free wifi in most of their locations.  That’s a pretty big chunk of money right up at the front but think about it for a second.  If you drink a single cup of coffee each day, that works out to about 50 cents for each of those cups.  And if you spend a couple of hours on line on one of their locations like I do and wind up pdrinking three cups of coffee or tea, the average comes down to about 20 cents.  Paying the $129 in my case fee up front was rather hard.

I have to admit though that I feel guilty when I go in there.  I usually don’t get anything else to eat like a bagel or muffin or cookies.  They’ve got to be losing money on my transactions.  Since my food budget is so limited, this really is the only way I can drink coffee during the day.  I also feel guilty about all the cups I go through although I usually stay with a single cup for the entire time I’m there.

Carley Thornell of the Boston Herald does an interesting article on unlimited or one-fee-for-unlimited-service programs.

edit: If for some reason you’re interested, you can read the press release.

Get a Free Coffee, Latte, or Cappuccino at Barnes and Noble

barnes_and_noble_coupon.pngI have to admit that I’m not a big Barnes and Noble person.  I mean I remember going to college and paying a whole lot of money for textbooks from one of their bookstores.  And I don’t understand why I see all those folks in their stores who must be college graduates who went through the same thing but yet frequent their stores.  I shake my head over that.

Anyway, Barnes and Noble is offering a Free Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Freshly Brewed Coffee or Hot Tea with coupon.  The promotion runs to the end of October and, from reading the coupon, you don’t have to be a member of their membership club although I’ve read some stores are requiring it.  If you happen to be in one of those store that do require the membership, there are instructions on the coupon explaining how to process it without being a member. (ie: Point out the instructions to the clerk.)

You can get the coupon direct from the Barnes and Noble site and I’ve attached a copy here to this post.  There is also a 15% off coupon on the B&N site as well if you want to grab that. (Again, no membership is required but Your Mileage May Vary depending on the store.)

Hat Tip: Fat Wallet

edit: Second Link from Fat Wallet as well a link to a half off Pastry coupon at the bottom of that page.

Free Coffee at Hardee’s on Mondays

HardeesNew_4color.gifIt’s strange that no one is blogging about this but Hardee‘s is doing Free Coffee on Monday’s for the time being.  I don’t see anything on their website about the promotion but there’s signs up all over their stores.  They’re probably doing this to promote their new Channel Islands Roasting Company coffee that they have introduced.  There’s no mention on how long this will last and the employees I asked didn’t know either.

I got my free cup this morning.  I’m debating on hitting them again on the way home.