Vote for the new URL

Just a quick mention that I’m looking into a new domain for the blog here. There’s a poll up on for you to hit. I’m down to two choices for people to choose or they can leave a comment with their own suggestion. I’m hoping to combine the and blogs into one. See if I can get a better Google Page Rank. Kind of stupid keeping the two blogs as they are. Granted they get a fair amount of traffic for both of them. Let’s see what I can do with them combined.

I’m hoping to get the sites redirected to the new domain sometime tomorrow. I’ll be sure to put in redirects.

Also gotta admit that I’m curious to see if I can qualify for’s VIP program. 😉

DrMike needs a laptop

OK, we’re going to try this.
One of the folks over at one of the support forums that I help out with recently made the suggestion that I take up a collection for the laptop that I need and pointed me at fundable. As some of you know, I live in the one apartment complex here in Charlotte that doesn’t have any digital services like DSL or cable so I wind up using the computers at local colleges. I have to rely on their schedules and of course I have to move if terminals are in short supply and students are waiting.
So, I’m taking up a collection. A quick look at the Dell website shows me I can get a half decent laptop for about $550. The rest would be for shipping, a case and Fundable’s fees.
If you make a pledge, nothing gets deducted unless and until we meet the goal.
Any questions? Please leave a comment here.

Taking the weekend off


I’m taking the weekend off. I just spent two hours answering emails from folks who don’t actually read the notice on my contact page and fill my inbox assuming that I will drop everything on the spot to help them with an issue that’s already been dealt with and answers given. I haven’t even gotten to the support issues with my hosting yet.

I’m going to spend the weekend doing some writing. I haven’t published anything since April. I might also work on the FAQ for as well.

Somedays I really hate helping folks

So an idiot comes into the Support forum asking for help on his WordPress blog hosted elsewhere. Naturally, I forward him onto the correct site at and don’t think much of it afterwards.
This is what he posts as a follow up:

You are f*cking ridiculous. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT F*CKING PLATFORM I AM RUNNING! I CAME TO THE F*CKING CSS CUSTOMIZATION FORUM TO GET SOME F*CKING CSS HELP, NOT F*CKING PLATFORM HELP, OR MULTIUSER HELP! But apparently you’re a moderator full of s**t, who has lost all sense of helping someone else out, so eat s**t and die.

I quickly delete the thread from over at and so the idiot goes over to and starts going after those folks as well. Lots of fun.
Now I’m dealing with crap like this. I’m also dealing with DDoS attacks against my site here with hundreds and hundreds of automated bigoted and insulting comments. I fired off a complaint to QWest since I have a Gigabit line with them and I noticed that he’s now coming in via a new connection so I gather he got the boot from there. He’s now coming in from an AT&T IP addresses but AT&T basicly gives their clients a few license to do whatever they want.
I’m tempted to stoop down to his level, especially since after I took a look at his webdesigns and their broken graphics and messed up layouts, but I have better things to do than that.
Am I worried about being sued? Of course not. I still have copies of everything he’s left me and I know any judge will throw it out immediately, even if it ever got to trial.
It just really bothers me that there are folks (bigots in this case) out there who can’t admit that made a mistake and feel the need to be jerks over the issue. Especially when they’re not reading what they’re copying and pasting. I wonder how many folks in his life have told him to “grow up and get a clue.” It appears it hasn’t sunk in yet.
*chuckle* I do get free links out of it though. 🙂

Not going to be around much next week…

I’m not going to be around much next week and not at all this Saturday. UNCC’s library is closed Saturday due to their ongoing power issues, CPCC is still closed on the weekends for the summer, and I still only have slow dial up from home. My power bill shot up as well (Don’t know why since I’m never home) so I can’t afford next week’s bus pass. So, I’m stuck at home for the week trying to do everything I normally do via a dial up conenction that, if I’m lucky, hits a 14.4 connection. *sigh*

Rudeness now a days

Falling Over Seats gives us her opinion about manners now a days.
I’ve been meaning to post about this for quite some time. I see a lot of poor manners in today’s age. Right now, the person to my left is talking into her cell phone nice and loud. The person to her left is eating away and has their radio turned up loud as well. (At least he’s using earphones but still) The lady to my right forgot to rinse her hair when she took her shower this morning and I can still smell the spampoo.
Its everywhere though. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to deal with Charlotte Transit drivers who won’t let passengers ride their buses because of their skin color and goodness knows they won’t deal with any complaint over there. Folks talking loud on the buses too is always fun. Had some lady screaming right in my ear this morning.
When I go and help some of the churches and groups work with the homeless, there’s always one or two trouble makers who protest when we can’t help them with more than what we have. I always get asked for money and sometimes folks pitch a fit when they get told no. I would love to help where I could but I’m on disability as well. That monthly check is barely covering what I have to pay out for rent, electricity and bus passes. Heck, that’s one of the reasons I always go and pitch in. I get fed and that’s one less meal I have to worry about.
Sometimes in the posts I make at some of the forums I visit, I have folks point out my bad spelling. Little do they know that I spell pretty well for someone that has a five inch tremor some afternoons. They can’t take the time to send an email or a private message. Instead they have to post publicly about it and draw attention to it. That’s one of the reasons why I no longer go to any of these Kim Possible and Daria forums I used to visit and have fun in. Got rather old real fast.
Well, it gave me something to post about. I don’t get a change to make real posts that often.