Someone got me a Christmas Present

Just a quick public thank you to BlogLily. She picked up the four *.pdf’s I had listed on my wishlist and had RPGNow send me the links so I could download them. As some of you know, I lost all of my old books and gaming material when Angie split back in 1999. I’ve been slowly rebuilding my collection but it’s a pain. Some of the stuff I’ve been able to get off of ebay but it’s been hit and miss on titles as well as scam artists.

If I’ve helped you in the past and you would like to do something nice for me, RPGNow does Gift Certificates in $10 amounts. The address to send them in RPGNow’s system is tdjcbe ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com or the account number #99553. Heck, you can even follow that link I have there to eBay as it’s an affliate link and I get a few pennies from it if you bid or even sign up with them.

My thanks again to BlogLily. 🙂

One final kick for the laptop

OK folks. Here’s one last push for raising the money for getting me a laptop.

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to raise money to pick up a laptop. I have a new job (which one day I’ll have the time to talk about) and it’s been keeping me away from the schools where I normally do my online volunteering. With a laptop, I would have a lot more flexability to access the net and spend more time trying to help folks. Right now, I’m lucky to get less than an hour a day and even that’s tight.

I’ve set up a collection over at fundable. I’m trying to raise $650 to pick up a laptop and I need your help. Right now, I have raised a total of $610 with a due date to raise the rest Tuesday evening. I’m down to the last 28 hours.

If I can’t come up with that last forty bucks, all of the pledges go back and I don’t get anything off of it. That would mean I would have to start over again from the beginning and right now, that’s not in my budget.

I’m hoping at least 4 people will step forward and pledge ten bucks a piece. That way I can continuing helping folks online with all of the projects I do. Receipts will be provided and posted online. I’ll even take pictures.

Thanks for your assistance,

Update on the laptop fund


Just a quick update on the laptop fund. So far the collection is more that 3/4ths of the way to the total with about 2 weeks left. I left it open ended so if we run over the total, I can get something a bit more up to date.

I also found out that one of the libraries I use normally will no longer be allowing non-students on their terminals so if I’m not able to pick up a laptop, we’re going to have issues getting online on some days.

Please think about donating. Fundable sets a limit of $10 per donation which isn’t much and you can use either Paypal or your credit cards.

Thanks again 🙂

Well today’s my birthday…

*SOMEBODY* let the cat out of the bag and posted
that it’s my birthday today. Wasn’t planning on announcing or saying
anything about it but it got announced over at and it’s
been picked up a couple of other places as well.

I had planned on dropping some of my favorite Kim Possible captions into the webcomic today but since the mirror over at is still broken and not kicking out posts on occasion, it’s kind of moot. It’s strange since the other mirror is working fine and they’re basically running the same software. *shrug* Go figure.

Buried in support tickets and to-do items today. With the holiday
this weekend, most of the libraries will be closed and I’m stuck with
the dial up at home since they won’t upgrade my apartment complex.

Friendly reminder about the wishlist
in case anyone wants to get me anything. I gotta admit though that I’m
in dire need of a Laptop though. I had to sell mine and my iPod back in
January when Angela came back to town and caused a number of issues,
including my not being able to pick up my disability check for that
month. January was not fun. I don’t need a new one. To be honest, I
still love the old DOS games from back in the 80’s like Master of Magic and Arena.
So if anyone has an old Pent 200 running Win98 or some such laying
around gathering dust, I’d love to have it. You know it would go to
good use with all that I do on line as well as locally and it would
help me when it’s a holiday.

Supporting your Favorite Blog – IndieKarma

A sort of cool idea, first read about it hereIndiaKarma.

Each time you visit a website or blog on the indieKarma network, your account is seamlessly debited just one cent. It’s the smallest of micro-payments, directly supporting the blog or website you’re enjoying.

Granted they get to keep 25% of the take which is a bit much, you don’t get any credit for signing up other people and it appears that they only pay out via PayPal but we’re going to give them a try. You note a “dock” along the bottom of the site so you can sign up right away. The first 5,000 clients get a free dollar and they’ve only signed up less than a grand so I got my dollar. 🙂
*shrug* We’re getting something like a thousand individual views a day here. Maybe it will kick me some bucks my way.
Thanks again for visiting,