Where are they today?


A long while back, I ran through most of the webcomics that I read and did a lookup of their Google Pageranks.  I was readding the post here and decided to check to see if there was any update on their scores:

http://www.applegeeks.com/ – Still a PR6
http://www.dorktower.com/ – Went from a PR6 to a PR5
http://www.machall.com/ – Also went to a PR5 from a PR6
http://www.phdcomics.com/ – Stayed the same as a PR7
http://www.vgcats.com/ – Remained a PR6
http://www.pvponline.com/ – Remained a PR7
http://www.drinkatwork.com/mediumlarge.html – Dropped to a PR0 since it’s no longer online.
http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/ – Dropped to a PR5 from a PR6
http://www.chugworth.com/ – Dropped to a PR5 from a PR6
http://www.alpha-shade.com/ – Stayed a PR5
http://www.megatokyo.com – Dropped to a PR6 from a PR7.  That surprised me.

It’s moot though as William Perry shut down his blog.

Google pagerank updated and opening up the comments

google_log.gifLooks like Google may have updated their pageranks recently.  This site is still a zero I’m afraid (We used to float between 5 and 6) but yet we’re fairly well listed and get added in fairly quickly.  We had a lot of problems with being seen by the Google Spiders which I wonder may have been the cause of that.  Seems to be fine now though.  Just need to get rid of that goose egg. (Or maybe we should call it a Google Egg?)

I’ve gone ahead and opened up the blog for comments without having to register first or use an outside login source or OpenID.  Being open like that has caused problems previously with folks leaving incorrect information and having no way to get back to them.  We shall see.

edit: You can lookup for page rank here and here.  So what does everybody else have for a page rank now?

reedit: Hmm, looks like my trackback didn’t get recognized or it got caught over on imbloggingthat.com.  I’ve had issues recently with that.  Looks like I still maybe having them.  Not sure if they’re being caught by some sort of spam protection or if it has something to do with sending a trackback from Movable Type to WordPress.

Is buying text adverts worth it?

While searching for support for a thread over at the WordPress.com support forums, I came across this post over on Matt Cutts‘s blog. While it didn’t help me with the issue of text size in Internet Explorer, I did find it interesting that he states that the latest upgrade of the Google Spiders would be discounting links that would be classified as “excessive reciprocal links, linking to spammy neighborhoods on the web, or link buying/selling.”
Makes me wonder now because I had thought of possibly supporting this site with the selling of some text adverts.
I’m still waiting for see what and how Google rates us on the next update. For the old site, which is now a mirror, I got a Google PR5 right off the bat. Hopefully it’ll be about the same this time through. 🙂

Find out your Google Page Rank

Just a quick mention of a service that does a lookup of your Google Page Rank. You can also get a icon or button to display on your website that will display it as well. (And improve their own Google Page Rank as well I’m sure.)
Check PageRank Instantly – FREE
Here’s mine currently:

Yup, it’s a zero. 🙁
My test blog over at WordPress.com is still a five though. And I haven’t used it in months except for an occasional test.
Here‘s also a button maker. Design your own button, upload it to your space and let others use it as a link to your own site.

Google PRs

William Parry wants a higher Google PR than the PR6 that he currently has. He thinks a PR6 is too low.

*chuckle* I only have a PR5 here at this site.

I got bored and did a lookup of some of the comics that I read.

http://www.applegeeks.com/ – PR6
http://www.dorktower.com/ – PR6
http://www.machall.com/ – PR6
http://www.phdcomics.com/ – PR7
http://www.vgcats.com/ – PR6
http://www.pvponline.com/ – PR7
http://www.drinkatwork.com/mediumlarge.html – PR6
http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/ – PR6
http://www.chugworth.com/ – PR6
http://www.alpha-shade.com/ – PR5
http://www.megatokyo.com – PR7