Is buying text adverts worth it?

While searching for support for a thread over at the support forums, I came across this post over on Matt Cutts‘s blog. While it didn’t help me with the issue of text size in Internet Explorer, I did find it interesting that he states that the latest upgrade of the Google Spiders would be discounting links that would be classified as “excessive reciprocal links, linking to spammy neighborhoods on the web, or link buying/selling.”
Makes me wonder now because I had thought of possibly supporting this site with the selling of some text adverts.
I’m still waiting for see what and how Google rates us on the next update. For the old site, which is now a mirror, I got a Google PR5 right off the bat. Hopefully it’ll be about the same this time through. 🙂

Find out your Google Page Rank

Just a quick mention of a service that does a lookup of your Google Page Rank. You can also get a icon or button to display on your website that will display it as well. (And improve their own Google Page Rank as well I’m sure.)
Check PageRank Instantly – FREE
Here’s mine currently:

Yup, it’s a zero. 🙁
My test blog over at is still a five though. And I haven’t used it in months except for an occasional test.
Here‘s also a button maker. Design your own button, upload it to your space and let others use it as a link to your own site.