Have You Been Penalized By Google? Find Out With Seo Penalty

peopleA common question folks ask is if their site has been penalized by Google and it’s Googlebot.  It does happen if webmasters use too many tricks to promote their website and if and when Google catches on to what they’re doing.  Things like hiding links, overloading pages with keywords, bugging Google with update notifications, and the like will tick off the search engine giant and get your site removed from Google’s database.

Is there an easy way to check?  Head over to SEO Penalty and put the domain of the site in question in their form.  You’ll receive a rating back ranging from 0 to 10 on how much Google has downgraded your site.  Zero means fine and dandy while a ten means they’ve caught on and you need to clean up your act.

Want to know more about Google Penalty and how to deal with it?  Give this article a read.

MSN Live Search Adds A Captcha

msn-searchYes, I know the previous post published without being finished. I’ll have to fix that some time soon.

For some strange reason, I can’t get to Google today.  No Google search, no Google Adsense, no Google webmaster tools, no GMail which really is an issue.  Nothing.

So anyway, I still have things to do today.  I guess I have to to use another search engine to get some work done.

I’ve used MSN a number of times previously, usually to see how different search engines compare with certain search terms.  So I headed over to MSN.com to give it a try.

Imagine my complete surprise when the above captcha pops up. Not once, not twice but every single time I did a search.  And it wasn’t an easy captcha either but captchas with other characters in the background, making it harder to read. (At least for me.)

Now, I’m not a big fan of captchas.  I’ve noticed that they really don’t work and are easy to beat.  MSN isn’t alone with their use either.  Google’s done it before, recently as well, and they’re not that easy to read either. (Rather long if you ask me.) I don’t see it that often though on Google.  And it didn’t take 5 tries that it did with some of MSN’s.

Google is my new best friend

21 minutes for google to index

21 minutes for google to index

Check out the screen capture to the left.  21 minutes after making my post/plug about Brandon’s Smile Ministry, it’s shown up in Google’s database.

That’s 21 minutes, folks.

Not 21 weeks.  Not 10 weeks.  Twenty.  One.  Minutes.

Heck, if you search for the ministry, I’m already listed there as well, right under the website.

No SEO tricks.

No paid links.

No sitemap. (I’ll generate that later on today.)

None of that.

21 minutes and I’m already in the main database.

*chuckle*  Google is my new best friend.

Issue With Google

I was recently checking with Google’s Webmaster Tools to see if I was having any issues with this site. I discovered that every single page had an ” robots.txt unreachable” error attached to it. Gotta admit that I was rather surprised when I saw that. I hadn’t put in a robots.txt file when I moved over to Movable Type and really hadn’t thought of it. I mean not having one in the past has never caused an issue in the past. Why should now be any different.

Imaging my surprise when I read the help file on the error:

Before we crawled the pages of your site, we tried to check your robots.txt file to ensure we didn’t crawl any pages that you had roboted out. However, your robots.txt file was unreachable. To make sure we didn’t crawl any pages listed in that file, we postponed our crawl. When this happens, we return to your site later and crawl it once we can reach your robots.txt file. Note that this is different from a 404 response when looking for a robots.txt file. If we receive a 404, we assume that a robots.txt file does not exist and we continue the crawl.

Now I state again that I didn’t have a robots.txt file in place. Per that FAQ, a missing robots.txt file shouldn’t be an issue but, for some reason, it was in this case. I quickly created an empty file within the backend and waited to see if it was resolved. It was.

Just wanted to pass that along. Hope it helps someone else with that issue.

Is nofollow worth it?

I’m flipping through some of the posts about Google’s recent broken PR update (All of my new sites have PR0s still.) and came across this suggestion of removing the “rel=’nofollow'” bit from the comments.

I’ve got to admit that I’m kind of torn. While I can understand the
need to have the tag in the links, most bloggers monitor what appears
in their comments. I know I do. Anything that’s spam gets removed.

I’m going to remove it from my WordPress setup and see what happens.

Search Engines

Simply makes a post about how MSN was the first search engine to crawl his or her blog and, in doing so, maybe the better search engine.

I’ve got to agree. When I ran my Daria site, the only search engine I didn’t have issues with was MSN’s. Both Yahoo and Google has thousands of bad links, they listed sites before my which had nothing to do with Daria, and were just a royal pain.

I went over to MarketLeap.com to compare the results for searches from the search engines for this site. Now, mind you, that Google’s blog search is big on promoting using ping services and says that that’s how it will pick up on the site.

Link Popularity Check:

Google: 0
Hotbot: 0
MSN: 8 (From 6 different sites)
Yahoo/ Altavista: 1 (But doesn’t list it)

Search Engine Saturation

Google: 0
HotBot: 5 (Home page plus 4 articles)
MSN: 1 (Home page)
Yahoo: 0

Mind you that this is now after 2 months of blogging here. Google’s blog index has three incoming links to this site but doesn’t have any of the pages indexed though. Strange…

I’ll take another look in a few days.