Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Anyone else notice the similarities between the closing of The Avatar: The Last Airbender and the closing of Reboot?  Both shows finish up with a recap done as a play with the main characters watching.

Have to admit that I love how “professional” the singers are with folks falling down all over the place, the background being rolled too far, etc.

edit: You can find lyrics for the video here: Reboot Recap lyrics.

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Lite Brite or Die Hard

20070202aquatee.jpgHere’s another video mashup from the funny folks over at Chocolate Cake City.  I’ve included material about the Aqua Team Hunder Force scare in Boston before.  As Engadget mentioned, it’s a wonder why no one else ever noticed those signs.  

What got me started on this was I just refound the Tom Hanks as James Bond video I had found previously.

The image comes from a New York Magazine article.

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Ninja Burger

ninjaburger.jpgA quick plug for Ninja Burger as well as the Charlotte Transit category here on the blog since Google’s spiders can’t see it too well.  The video, found after the break, got a chuckle out of me as well.

Rumor has it that you can grab the Ninja Burger RPG core rulebook (the older first edition, not he newer second edition I’m afraid.) from here.

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