BestBuy Sells 52 Inch TVs for Ten Bucks. How Many Did You Buy?


Yes, it’s a pricing error. 😉

I read this morning over on the Demonoid support forums that Best Buy was selling a Samsung 52″ LCD HDTV for $9.99.

That’s right.  Ten bucks.  Picture to the left.  In case you can’t read it, it’d model #LN52A650.

You would still have to pay a flat $70 for the delivery, a buck in tax and a $25 recycling fee but that still only comes to a total of $106 total for the first one and about eleven bucks ($9.99 for the television and the buck for tax.) for each additional one.

From looking at the timestamps of the threads, it took BestBuy no less than 6 hours to notice the mistake and pull the advertising.  Some posters ordered upwards of a dozen before the advert disappeared and then wondered if they would actually get the wide screen televisions.

After pulling the error, BestBuy issued a correction and refused to honour the price.  They also locked the thread to prevent people complaining I noticed.  Didn’t stop anyone though.  There’s no less than three other threads on the topic. (edit: Oops, found a fourth.)

So what do you think?  Should BestBuy honour the price?  Amazon sells the television for just under $1,300.  BestBuy would lose over a thousand dollars per unit sold.  But if they don’t, they’ll probably lose the business of all the customers who bought those televisions.  I didn’t get one but will think twice about shopping there again.

edit: Looks like it made the news.  Even the Christian Science Monitor picked up the story.  Some folks feel that maybe this was just a marketing stunt to draw folks into the site.

Read Cock & Bull Webcomic

cock n bull webcomic

cock n bull webcomic

I’ve been reading the Cock n Bull webcomic for quite some time now.  It’s a fairly simple daily webcomic about a cock (short for rooster) and a bull.  It’s not a clean webcomic.  There’s language, a fair amount of it, as well as adult situations for lack of a better term.

It’s a fairly simple comic.  Each day, we see Cock and Bull standing in the same positions, somewhere in a pasture on a farm.  There’s no background so the only interaction with their surroundings is with the actions of the characters,  They spend most of their time complaining about the other inhabitants of the farm, which we rarely see.  Also other topics ranging from “race, abortion and international politics, to the quality of chicken feed and the abolition of combine harvesters.

Again, it’s a very much adult topic as shown in the sample picture I’ve included here.  It’s not something I would be showing 4 and 5 year olds.  If you are mature enough, it’s good for a laugh each and every day.  The author, Arnie Dunnel, just recently ran about a months worth of guest strips and it’s was interesting to see other webcomic artists’ take on the characters.

I suggest it highly.

Animaniacs – Presidents

Animaniacs_PresidentsRichard Byrne over at Free Technology for Teachers posted today a video showing the 44 United States Presidents in order.  Have to admit I prefer, even if it is a bit out of date, the Animaniacs version.

One has to wonder which young students will remember ten years down the road.

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Let’s just insult them

Michael Shanks from Stargate shows how *NOT* to be thankful to the crew of Stargate. You would have thought after ten years, he would have remembered at least one name of one person there.
I wonder how many of those “crew” members got really PO’ed at him after seeing this. Bloodly hell…

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