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I’m thinking about doing some more writing in the future and was looking for some input on what to start off with.  Feel free to comment:


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Another Disney Actress Gets Busted

Well yet another Disney star is in trouble. You would have thought by now that Disney would have done something to mentor these folks. Seems like every time you turn around, another one is in trouble and it’s all over the news.

It’s a pity though that this time it’s a Kim Possible actress.

What’s next? Christy Carlson Romano doing a sex scene on Family Guy? Oh wait. She did. Link.

TV star Kirsten Storms was arrested for DUI in September 2007, in LA. Kirsten, who voices the cheerleader Bonnie Rockwaller in Disney’s “Kim Possible”, was arrested after failing field sobriety tests.

Worked on the webcomic today…

KP: So you think you know me, don’t you Ron?

Ron: Um yeah. We’ve known each other since pre-k, KP.

KP: That’s what you think, Ronald.

Ron: Um…

KP: I’ve got a drawer full of leather.

Ron: Oh, OK. I think I can live with that. I’ve saw you in that leather skirt before.

KP: A huge stash of ropes and chains in the attic.

Ron: Um…

KP: A hard drive full of stories that I’ve read over and over again.

Ron: KP, you’re scaring me.

KP: And now I have a boyfriend willing to let me put him through all that.

Ron: **AARRGGHH!!** (He runs away)

KP: *sigh* Oh, he’ll be back. I’ve got the keys to his scooter.

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Please vote for the Kim Possible: Remixed Webcomic

OK, so some question if it’s really a webcomic or not. I know. 🙂

It’s a new month so the voting starts all over again. Please take a second and hop over to the Kim Possible: Remixed webcomic and click on the voting icons along the right hand side. It would mean a lot to me. 🙂

We’re actually starting out May fairly well. Buzzcomix currently has us at #313th place while TopWebcomics has us at #418th place.

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