New Kim Possible Artwork from Levelord over at DeviantArt

Levelord gives as another one of his stills intitled Duh hur… where Kim Possible has to explain to Ron Stoppable what the Mile High Club means.
Still waiting on the second still in this series. 🙂
Kim Possible explains the mile high club to Ron Stoppable over on deviantArt
See other Kim Possible deviantArt artwork here. Anything I come across that I like, I post a thumbnail and a link to it.
edit: Here’s the second still. Not colored though….

Shego Desktop Wallpaper from deviantArt

MentalFloss gives us some darn cool Kim Possible Desktop Wallpaper. It’s Shego at her sexy best.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a featured desktop wallpaper. I see some visitors coming in with that search term so I’ll try to do more soon. I also keep an eye out for other Kim Possible artwork that I discover while at deviantArt.