What should I write next?

I’m thinking about doing some more writing in the future and was looking for some input on what to start off with.  Feel free to comment:


edit: Added a link to Mission to Hell Chapter #1

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This blog is a catch all for all sorts of things. My interests range all over the place. They include my work in the WordPress.com support forums, my Kim Possible webcomic, my current Kim Possible fanfiction, my past Daria fanfiction and shorts. You’ll also find videos from YouTube, Star Frontiers stuff, stuff I pull from over at deviantArt and FanFiction.net, the occasional Desktop for your computer and the occasional news article of interest. If you care to chat, I have set up forums over here.

Projects and other interests include:

Kim Possible Fanfiction: Ezbok58a

Ezbok58a gives us this short work: Modern Day Robin Hoods

An alternate reality story. Kim and Ron are a couple of Bank Robbers stealing the surplus earnings of the nations big oil companies in hopes of dropping the price of gasoline, only the FBI has been called in, and Kim’s old rival Bonnie Rockwaller is leading the investigaton that’s meant to stop them.
Will they get away, or will they drive Bonnie to the brink in this high speed, high action thriller!

Still here :)

Been busy with the WordPress.com support forums as well as the ones over at WordPress MU and stuff for Daria.be. Haven’t even had a change to work on my Kim Possible Fanfiction either and I really wanted to get some of that finished this weekend. And I’ve been having issues with this new theme and it’s sidebar. Still looks like crap. Also been trying to figure out a way to pay for my webhosting as well. Spent too much helping out other people this month as well as on hardware with my hosting company so I couldn’t pay myself this month. I have to keep my sites away from my servers for legal reasons.
Anyone spare $6 bucks via paypal? 🙂

We’ve got polls

If you haven’t seen, I’ve gone ahead and added in a poll plug in here. You can see the complete list of polls on the archive page. Hopefully it’ll work for you. It was kind of a pain to set up in this theme. The plug in is provided by GaMerZ so his site gets a shout out. Only one poll so far for what I should write next. The choices are:

    My Kim Possible series: Mission to Hell. So far we’ve got Chapters One and Two.
    My Daria – Star Frontiers crossover: Crash on Volturnus. You can read Chapter One here with four additional chapter written.
    Convert the Star Frontiers story line over to Kim Possible and run with that. The issue with that would be that Kim doesn’t normally use any weapons and it would not be canon.
    Keep going nuts with tke Kim Possible Captions

You’ll also note that I have also listed a list of the most read posts over to the left. The count is way off though. That FAQ I did for uploading pictures over at :wp.com: is showing almost 500 views so far on the backend. I guess I have some editing to do in the near future.

Kim Possible Fan Fiction

Yes, I know. I’ve been going crazy with the Kim Possible captions and what not. We seem to get a lot of visits from people looking for Kim Possible work. *shrug*
Been reading G-Go‘s works lately. Really have been enjoying them. My favorite so far has been Reunion. Kim Possible comes back to Middleton after ten years only to discover that Ron is hiding a secret from her. It’s a good read.
Another good read is MrDrP‘s Kim Possible : The Next Generation where he drops most if not all of the Kim Possible characters into the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe.
And, of course, another mention of my Kim Possible – Mission to Hell work. I swear I’m working on Chapter 2 as we speak. 🙂

Mission to Hell – Chapter 2 – Kim Possible Fanfiction

My first Kim Possible fanfiction. Here’s Chapter 2. More to follow soon I hope.

Ron dies at the hands of Shego during a mission. Instead of going to Gehenna, he winds up in the Christianity hell. Kim Possible
has to go rescue him with the help of some of the others from the show.
(While I’ll be the first to admit it, I don’t follow comics but I am
aware of the story line concerning Dr. Doom and this is sort of based
on that) This one will get a mature rating right out of the box even
though it’s more for the subject material over anything else. I do have
a pair of cross over cameos planned for this. And stuff from the
Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony comes to mind as

Chapter 1 if you haven’t read it yet.

Chapter 2

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