Things I’ve done today

Working on the todo list:

Kim Possible Screen Shot Site

  • Added in the season 4 episode titles
  • Added in the descriptions I had for Season 4
  • Added in the screen caps that I had
  • Readded the Urchin Tracking code for that site
  • Added in footer links to some of my sites

Kim Possible: Remixed Webcomic

  • Finished the posts for April
  • Started posts for the month of May

Youtube Downloader

  • Updated the link to here from the old site.
  • Readded the Urchin code

Kim Possible: Remixed Relaunched

The Kim Possible: Remixed is “fully” up and running again. Still missing about 30 pictures but most of them are now relinked. Please take a second and vote for us of course when you get over there. 🙂
Actually thinking about getting a domain name for the site.

Just a couple more inches…

Kim Possible and Mrs. Dr. Possible
Mrs. Dr. P.: Kimmie, I think it’s great that you’re showing in interest in what I do for a living but this is outside of my speciality.
Kim: But Mom. What am I suppose to to? You see how small it is.
Mrs. Dr. P.: OK, Kimmie. I can’t believe he agreed to the operation though. I just hope he isn’t mad at you when he wakes up.
Kim: Um…
Mrs. Dr. P.: You did ask before you dragged him in here, didn’t you?
Kim: Um, maybe…
Mrs. Dr. P.: Kimberly Anne Possible!

Working on the webcomic…

Fixing the webcomic‘s picture links. Also having to delete the posts out of the backup site since I’m not going to reedit all those posts yet again. Lot’s of fun…
Found some lovely idiot ripping off the site. Thinks I should be happy to see it being done. Guess what. I’m not! He doesn’t even have half of those features on his site but he lists them as being there. *sigh*

Kim Possible Screencaptures- “And the MoleRat will be CGI”

I put these up yesterday but didn’t have a change to post about it.
Kim Possible Screencaptures- “And the MoleRat will be CGI”
Again, they come from many different sources on the net such as ARA, Ron Stoppable’s Forums, and others. They are feel to use to all, just don’t kill my bandwidth. 🙂

Kim Possible Screen Captures – “Downhill”

Last one from the backlog. I hope to be importing new ones shortly. 🙂

Kim Possible Screen Captures – “Downhill”

Again, these come from a number of sources on the net. These pictures are free to be used elsewhere. I’m just storing them. I do ask for a link back somewhere near where you use them if possible.