Working on the webcomic…

Fixing the webcomic‘s picture links. Also having to delete the posts out of the backup site since I’m not going to reedit all those posts yet again. Lot’s of fun…
Found some lovely idiot ripping off the site. Thinks I should be happy to see it being done. Guess what. I’m not! He doesn’t even have half of those features on his site but he lists them as being there. *sigh*

The Kim Possible Screen Captures Gallery is up and running

Still have a couple more sources to import but the site is up and running.

It’s a lot better organized this time through since I wasn’t importing all willy nilly like before.

Of course this means I need to start working on the webcomic and getting the images to match up to the new links. *sigh*

The To Do list stands at 77 items.

Who gets the traffic around here

For the month of July 2006:
Kim Possible Screen Captures – 2.41 Gig with 675 visits and over 2.3 million file views 🙂 – 1.99 Gig (Missed it by that much) with 8,288 visits
Kim Possible: Remixed Webcomic – 1.17 Gig with 1,880 visits – 450.74 Meg with 662 visits
tdjc forums – 77.12 Meg with 260 visits
Youtube video Downloader – 63.24 Meg with 841 visits
Avatar Storage – 48.52 Meg with 1 visit (It’s where I store my forum avatars)
Dragon Knights – 8.64 Meg with 10 visits
Random Name Generator – 1.48 Meg with 147 visits

Kim Possible Screencaptures- “And the MoleRat will be CGI”

I put these up yesterday but didn’t have a change to post about it.
Kim Possible Screencaptures- “And the MoleRat will be CGI”
Again, they come from many different sources on the net such as ARA, Ron Stoppable’s Forums, and others. They are feel to use to all, just don’t kill my bandwidth. 🙂