Kim Possible: Remixed Relaunched

The Kim Possible: Remixed is “fully” up and running again. Still missing about 30 pictures but most of them are now relinked. Please take a second and vote for us of course when you get over there. 🙂
Actually thinking about getting a domain name for the site.

New Video Player installed – WP-ExtremeVideo

Well, I got tired of the old video player not working as well as it was suppose to so I’ve gone ahead and installed WP-ExtremeVideo here on the site. I still need to go back through and edit the CSS file because it sticks out like a sore thumb but it’s up and working. The thing I like about it is that I can play videos locally as well instead of having to pull them from YouTube and Google. The code to play the videos on this end is very simple as well so I’m hoping that you’ll start seeing more of them here shortly.

Check out the videos today and I’ll have some more up shortly.

What’s the Sitch? The Kim Possible Story (aka Super Video)

It’s long. It’s a hyper-extended version of the CMBM Remix. The audio was actually my senior project for school. The video was added later to make it more interesting. But be warned: It *is* 11.5 minutes long. It will take time to watch it all. 😛

View the post to see the video.

Done by ahwm

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