How to Get Rid of Ink and Marker From a Laptop


Awhile ago, I had the pleasure of having a two year old take a marker to my laptop while I was at the library.  Even though there was a dozen witnesses, the mother refused to take any responsibility for the actions of her kid. (Have to love mothers like that.) It was a pretty picture of clouds and flowers but it really needed to go.  Hairspray, the non-aerosol kind, was suggested but that just spread it around.  Finally got rid of the ink with an alcohol pad.  It took a couple of them but it’s all gone. 

Image taken from here.  I couldn’t find any of marker on a laptop.  Kind of weird.

Lookie what I got…

Finally got a chance to run a virus scan on the laptop with an updated virus info packet and guess what I get.
First the gay porn, now this. What did the previous owner do on this thing?



Been a long day. 🙁

I placed a link to eBay in the footer of this site. If you use the service, please use that link. I get a dime credit or so if you win something. It adds up in the long run and helps support this site as well as 🙂

Have to renew the domains asap. Have two weeks left until they run out. 🙁

Finally got the check for the laptop. 🙂

…and the bank put a hold on it for 10 days. 🙁

So I’m waiting for it to clear. Lots of fun. 🙁

Got up and running again. Caught up on the upgrades as well. 🙂

…of course I knocked off the site for a day to do it. 🙁

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better. 🙂


One final kick for the laptop

OK folks. Here’s one last push for raising the money for getting me a laptop.

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to raise money to pick up a laptop. I have a new job (which one day I’ll have the time to talk about) and it’s been keeping me away from the schools where I normally do my online volunteering. With a laptop, I would have a lot more flexability to access the net and spend more time trying to help folks. Right now, I’m lucky to get less than an hour a day and even that’s tight.

I’ve set up a collection over at fundable. I’m trying to raise $650 to pick up a laptop and I need your help. Right now, I have raised a total of $610 with a due date to raise the rest Tuesday evening. I’m down to the last 28 hours.

If I can’t come up with that last forty bucks, all of the pledges go back and I don’t get anything off of it. That would mean I would have to start over again from the beginning and right now, that’s not in my budget.

I’m hoping at least 4 people will step forward and pledge ten bucks a piece. That way I can continuing helping folks online with all of the projects I do. Receipts will be provided and posted online. I’ll even take pictures.

Thanks for your assistance,

Update on the laptop fund


Just a quick update on the laptop fund. So far the collection is more that 3/4ths of the way to the total with about 2 weeks left. I left it open ended so if we run over the total, I can get something a bit more up to date.

I also found out that one of the libraries I use normally will no longer be allowing non-students on their terminals so if I’m not able to pick up a laptop, we’re going to have issues getting online on some days.

Please think about donating. Fundable sets a limit of $10 per donation which isn’t much and you can use either Paypal or your credit cards.

Thanks again 🙂

DrMike needs a laptop

OK, we’re going to try this.
One of the folks over at one of the support forums that I help out with recently made the suggestion that I take up a collection for the laptop that I need and pointed me at fundable. As some of you know, I live in the one apartment complex here in Charlotte that doesn’t have any digital services like DSL or cable so I wind up using the computers at local colleges. I have to rely on their schedules and of course I have to move if terminals are in short supply and students are waiting.
So, I’m taking up a collection. A quick look at the Dell website shows me I can get a half decent laptop for about $550. The rest would be for shipping, a case and Fundable’s fees.
If you make a pledge, nothing gets deducted unless and until we meet the goal.
Any questions? Please leave a comment here.