How Popular Is Your Site? Find Out With This Link Popularity Checker

im_popular_on_the_internetThis script comes from the fine folks over at Site Expert. (Oooooo, they even have a color chart.) Using this tool, you can check to see how many indexed backlinks lead to your site in such search engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a number of others.

The cool thing about the tool is that is actually gives you the numbers on the result page.  Some link popularity checkers only give you the links to the search engines themselves or make you jump through hoops to get the report.  This tool actually shows you the number of indexed links back.

So tell me how it works.  Feel free to brag about your link popularity numbers in the comments if you want.

Link Popularity Checker

Don’t forget out the other tools such as our Youtube Video Downloader, the Whois lookup and the new DailyMotion Video Downloader.

Image from here: I’m Only Popular on the Internet and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic.

Are Your Twits Worthy of You? Find Out With

I’ve talked about Twitter in the past a couple of times. Have to admit that I don’t use it that much. Really only when I make a new post here. Occasionally I go looking for new post ideas there as well.

Anyway, it looks like what little Twittering I’ve done has provided some value. (Edit: Hey, I’m on page 6 of the highest ranking Twitters with worth.) A passing mention on the Digitalpoint forums let me know about Tweetworth.  The site lacks some polish (Actually, let’s be honest, it lacks a lot of polish.  For example the link in the footer to their own Twitter account doesn’t work and their about page lacks correct layout.) and there’s no mention on how the worth of a Twitter account is judged.  The site is still new and will hopefully become more filled out later on.

I actually prefer Twitter Grader myself.  They give you some description on how they judge the worth of an account and seem to do a better job of ranking folks.  They even break down rankings based on your location against other Twitter users.

Which tool do you like better?

Read Cock & Bull Webcomic

cock n bull webcomic

cock n bull webcomic

I’ve been reading the Cock n Bull webcomic for quite some time now.  It’s a fairly simple daily webcomic about a cock (short for rooster) and a bull.  It’s not a clean webcomic.  There’s language, a fair amount of it, as well as adult situations for lack of a better term.

It’s a fairly simple comic.  Each day, we see Cock and Bull standing in the same positions, somewhere in a pasture on a farm.  There’s no background so the only interaction with their surroundings is with the actions of the characters,  They spend most of their time complaining about the other inhabitants of the farm, which we rarely see.  Also other topics ranging from “race, abortion and international politics, to the quality of chicken feed and the abolition of combine harvesters.

Again, it’s a very much adult topic as shown in the sample picture I’ve included here.  It’s not something I would be showing 4 and 5 year olds.  If you are mature enough, it’s good for a laugh each and every day.  The author, Arnie Dunnel, just recently ran about a months worth of guest strips and it’s was interesting to see other webcomic artists’ take on the characters.

I suggest it highly.

1977 the Comic

1977 the webcomic

1977 the webcomic

I have to admit that I stay away from promoting *cough* adult webcomics that I read.  Knowing that I spend most of my time in the library, it’s kind of hard to read them.  Sometimes the librarians peek over your shoulder to see what you’re working on.  They probably wouldn’t like some of the webcomics that I read.

Anyway, here’s a plug for 1977 the Comic.  It’s a borderline comic with a fair amount of skin.  Heck, one look at the header image will probably tell you that. You’ll also have to deal with the occasional peek as well.  That doesn’t bother me but I know it does with some.  The drug and alcohol references will probably set off a few folks as well.  And, considering it’s been restarted a couple of times, that may set off even more folks.

So why should you read it?  Well, it’s funny.  I haven’t seen a dud comic yet.  W. Byron Wilkins, the creator, artist and writer, is fairly good with updating twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.  I enjoy his artwork as well.

Feel free to give it a try.  Just make sure you do read it in front of any nuns.

Webcomic Plug: Questionable Content


Reading Questionable Content today.  Have to admit that the previous times I’ve read this, it didn’t make much sense to me.  I could relate to today’s comic though as it happened to me a couple of times with Angie. (I one before that was pretty funny as well.  Especially the last panel.) I’m going back through the series from the start today.  It’ll take awhile.  I’ve got time as I’m converting about 20 gigs of music into something my iPod Touch can play.

Webcomic Plug: Gets a Job


No, not “Get a Job,” it’s a “Gets a Job.” 😉

I haven’t done a plug for a webcomic in quite some time.  Kind of done that on purpose as I’ve got something planned on that front maybe some day in the future. (heh.)

Just wanted to throw out a quick plug for Gets a Job.  The concept is fairly simple.  The creator/ writer/ artist/ the dude in charge comes up with a “pop/historical figure” and drops them into a job position not like what they’re known for. (And then of course draws the picture that makes it into a webcomic.)

He also takes requests and you can find his email on the site.

Imy the Comic

Imy the webcomic with a bad computer

Imy the webcomic with a bad computer

Running out the door for the night but I wanted to give a quick plug for Imy the Comic.  I found it via a twitter that I’m not going to go back looking for.  Probably one of Frumph‘s.  It started out as one of those “The artist as the main character but, as the creator Irma puts it, it’s developed a life of it’s own, even down to strips about the hair color of the main character.

Please kindly give it a read.  It updates on Mondays and Thursdays.

New Webcomic – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

saturday morning breakfast cereal webcomic

saturday morning breakfast cereal webcomic

I haven’t added this to the link list but I wanted to give a quick plug for Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It’s one of those once a day, random topic webcomics. I don’t normally read those but the comics did give me a chuckle.

I found it as it was one of the Project Wonderful bids that came across that account.  I’ve been finding a number of new webcomics via those folks.