Do You Have Your Converter Box Yet?


I was reading this article on the WSOC website about the pending change from analog television signal to a digital one starting on February 17th, 2009.  That’s only a couple of months away.  After that date, local television states will only broadcast a digital signal.  At least that’s what’s planned for here in the United States.

The cool thing is that the government is printing up these coupons where you can basically get a converter box for a small amount of money.  Neat, right?  Never mind that they’re spending tax money to support businesses and all that.

Here’s the problem.  The change over occurs on February 17th, right?  As I read the article, the coupons won’t be going out until the converter boxes are in stores.  No problem with that but the boxes themselves aren’t due until “the end of February or first of March.

Anyone else concerned about the boxes not being available until after the change over occurs?

Blank DVD media Quality Guide

chair made from cds

Awhile ago, I was in need of buying some DVDs to store all the files I have.  I had asked in a couple of places if there was any sort of guide on what brands were good and what brands were bad.  Someone recently sent me this link for digitalfaq‘s blank media quality guide and list of FAQs on blank media.  I lucked out and the blank DVDs someone sent me are decent quality. 

The image, taken from here, is from an article about making furniture from old cds.

Cartoons are not made for children


I just got to sat through 15 minutes of listening to some woman going on and on about how cartoons are evil and how no child should be watching them.

Her example?  South Park and the Simpsons of course.

Now I would be lying if I stated that I didn’t like cartoons.  We all know how much of a Daria fan I am. (or was at least)  Ditto for Kim Possible and the Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Note to self: try to find the last six episodes since I haven’t seen them yet.)

I would be very hard pressed though to state that any of those shows are for younger children.  While some folks and groups think higher of Avatar, the violence of Avatar as well as Kim Possible set others off. (OK, that’s not the link I had in mind but it’s the only one I can find right off.) Of course some folks question Veggie Tales.

Parent seem to forget that past cartoons like Tom and Jerry had their violent moments as well. I’m not sure I would be turning to Yahoo Answers though as a source for parenting though.  They also seem to forget that way back when, cartoons sent out a different message that also reflected the times.

Just random thoughts and links about what happened today.  After the fold is the Flintstone’s Winston’s television advert.

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Watch Babylon 5 – Mind War

Babylon 5 logo

Babylon 5 logo

Yesterday we had Babylon 5 – The Parliament of Dreams.  Today we have Mind War.  A genetically altered telepathic fugitive hides aboard Babylon 5 and seeks help escaping his pursuers before he mutates into a destructive superbeing. Catherine experiences an incredible encounter with an alien spacecraft.

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Watch Babylon 5 – The Parliament of Dreams


Yesterday I added in Babylon 5 – Born to the Purple.  Today, we have The Parliament of Dreams.  Give it a watch.

Description: G’Kar is hunted by a hired political assassin. Sinclair and Catherine reconcile their past differences and renew
their romance.

edit: I really wish Hulu would let folks embed the high resolution version of their videos

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