Search Engine Smackdown

I’m sure you’ve head about Google Fight by now where you can Linus Torvalds matches up against Bill Gates or finally prove to yourself that Coke is better than Pepsi by comparing Google results between two different words.

Bringing it to the next level we have Search Engine Smackdown. Using the heavy weights of the Search Engine field, see how much trivia you know about the history of the market.

Windows Vista Beta 2

Found it here.

Windows Vista Beta 2 is out and available for public download.

Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 is now available for download from Microsoft’s official site. If you remember seeing reviews of it already, Microsoft made downloads available to a limited set of customers last month. For PC users that are already running Windows Vista Beta 2, Microsoft put together a list of additional downloads like product guide and feature lists.

Source: [Slashdot]

Microsoft To Release An iPod Alternative, WinPod

Microsoft designers have come up with a design for an MP3 player they think will rival Apple’s super soaraway iPod.

Business Week said that the software maker was working on plans to develop its own device rather than whip up its partners to produce it. No-one has seen Microsoft’s design either.

A Microsoft spokesman initially dismissed the Business Week yarn as speculation, but then admitted that it was considering making its own WinPod, along with many other projects.

Read about it here. Find the original report here but you need to log in to view it.

Search Engines

Simply makes a post about how MSN was the first search engine to crawl his or her blog and, in doing so, maybe the better search engine.

I’ve got to agree. When I ran my Daria site, the only search engine I didn’t have issues with was MSN’s. Both Yahoo and Google has thousands of bad links, they listed sites before my which had nothing to do with Daria, and were just a royal pain.

I went over to to compare the results for searches from the search engines for this site. Now, mind you, that Google’s blog search is big on promoting using ping services and says that that’s how it will pick up on the site.

Link Popularity Check:

Google: 0
Hotbot: 0
MSN: 8 (From 6 different sites)
Yahoo/ Altavista: 1 (But doesn’t list it)

Search Engine Saturation

Google: 0
HotBot: 5 (Home page plus 4 articles)
MSN: 1 (Home page)
Yahoo: 0

Mind you that this is now after 2 months of blogging here. Google’s blog index has three incoming links to this site but doesn’t have any of the pages indexed though. Strange…

I’ll take another look in a few days.

The End of Spam?

Friendly reminder that Jan 24, 2006 is the end of spamming as we know it. At Least that’s what Bill Gates said back on January 24th, 2004. 🙂

So what does your inbox look like?

I also wonder if that means Microsoft itself will stop spamming.

edit: Oops, it got delayed. Pity.