How Many Posts Are on Your Front Page?

I find blogging_tips.jpgmyself wondering about this, not only because Problogger asked about it way back when, but because I’m sitting here looking at this site.  One of the features of WordPress is that you can have multiple index pages.  Movable Type doesn’t do that out of the box but it’s a two second fix with Alden Bates’ Paged Archives plugin, a plugin that that I’ve blogged about before.  If you check out the main index page for this site, you should see the links near the bottom of the content column.

It’s not a big change.  I mean we already use category pages as well as monthly ones.  I also have a complete post list, something that WordPress doesn’t do out of the box.  I did a test of 5 Posts on the front page instead of the normal 10 but quickly changed it back.  I hate it when the sidebar is longer than the content.  You’re usually stuck with that on individual post pages unless you normally write a bloody book each and every post.

The image is from Sue’s post about Blogging Tips with EDUBlogs.  It came up when I did a few keyword searches for an images to use on this post.  Maybe we can get her to do an article on the subject.