Han Solo, P.I.

HanSoloLong story why I haven’t been around much.  I’ll discuss it another day.

This video came across Twitter a few days ago.  I have to admit that I was a fairly big Magnum, P.I. fan growing up.  Whoever did this put a fair amount of time into pasting up the video and matching it to the original opening credits of that show.

You can watch Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) play a decent Tom Selleck (otherwise known as Thomas Magnum) after the fold.

And remember, you can download the video on the YouTube Downloader (Yes, it works again.  Sorry about that.) as an *.mp4 file.  It’s supposed to be available as an HD *.mp4 file but I can’t get the link to work right.  Maybe it’ll work for you.

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Today’s Thought


Been kind of sick lately and have gotten far behind on work.  Please forgive me for not posting.

I saw Dwayne Johnson this morning on Regis and Kelly. (Yes, I do watch in on occasion.  Plus when I go to the hospital to get my bloodwork done, they usually have it playing in the waiting room.) Dwayne was promoting his new movie, Race to Witch Mountain. (Sorry, not link to the video.  They have it buried within some flash player on their site and no way to get a proper URL for it.) Anyway, the movie is about a cab driver who comes across extraterrestrials and winds up having to save the planet.

Hmm, why does that sound familiar

Lite Brite or Die Hard

20070202aquatee.jpgHere’s another video mashup from the funny folks over at Chocolate Cake City.  I’ve included material about the Aqua Team Hunder Force scare in Boston before.  As Engadget mentioned, it’s a wonder why no one else ever noticed those signs.  

What got me started on this was I just refound the Tom Hanks as James Bond video I had found previously.

The image comes from a New York Magazine article.

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James Bond in Casino Royale from 1954

Barry Nelson In Casino RoyaleI’m in the mood for pilots today so I’ll give you another one.  It’s the original James Bond film, Casino Royal from 1954.  What a lot of folks don’t know is that the recent movie version was actually the third version of the story.  Here’s the details from Wikipedia since I’m too lazy and busy to write it up on my own:

Casino Royale is a 1954 television adaptation of the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming. It was the first film adaptation of a James Bond novel.

In 1954, producer and director Gregory Ratoff of CBS paid Ian Fleming $1,000 to adapt Casino Royale into a one-hour television adventure as part of their Climax! series.

The episode, Casino Royale, aired on October 21, 1954 and starred Barry Nelson as secret agent “Card Sense” James ‘Jimmy’ Bond and Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre. For this Americanised version of the story, Bond is described as an agent for “Combined Intelligence”, while the American character Felix Leiter from the original novel became “Clarence Leiter,” a British agent for Station S, and a combination of Leiter and Rene Mathis. The name “Mathis” was given to the leading lady, who is named Valerie Mathis (instead of Vesper Lynd).

The hour long showing itself is split into three acts:

  • Act I: Opening — Opening of Baccarat scene
  • Act II: Opening of Baccarat Scene — Hotel Room finale Opening
  • Act III: Hotel Room finale Opening — Ending


  • Barry Nelson – James Bond
  • Peter Lorre – Le Chiffre
  • Linda Christian – Valerie Mathis
  • Michael Pate – Clarence Leiter (given as “Letter” in the credits)
  • Eugene Borden – Chef DeParte
  • Jean DeVal – Croupier
  • Gene Roth – Henchman
  • Kurt Katch – Henchman


After the production of Casino Royale, CBS invited Fleming to write 32 episodes over a two-year period for a television show based on the James Bond character. Fleming agreed and began to write outlines for this series. When nothing ever came of this, however, Fleming grouped and adapted three of the outlines into short stories and released the 1960 anthology For Your Eyes Only along with an additional two new short stories.

This was the first screen adaptation of a James Bond novel, and was made before the formation of EON Productions. When MGM eventually obtained the rights to the 1967 film version of Casino Royale, it also received the rights to this television episode.

According to Lee Pfeiffer, a well known James Bond expert, the Casino Royale episode was lost for decades after its first broadcast on 21st October 1954. It was not until early 1980s that the show was finally found and released on VHS. It also aired on TBS as part of a Bond film marathon. However, the VHS release and TBS presentation did not include the full finale of the adaptation, which was at that point still lost. Eventually, the missing footage (minus the last few seconds of the credits) was found and included on a Spy Guise & Cara Entertainment VHS release. Spy Guise offered pre-orders for a DVD release, but rights issues with MGM forced them to scuttle the plans. MGM subsequently included the truncated version on its DVD of the 1967 Casino Royale.

In 2007, a discount DVD from Digiview Entertainment was released that featured the truncated version, possibly sourced off the 1967 MGM Casino Royale DVD. It is generally found in stores such as Dollar General and Wal-Mart, usually for the price of one dollar. It is a single disc with the only special feature being previews of other Digiview DVDs. The DVD does feature some high production values including motion chapter selection and an attractive menu system that also plays an isolated version of the films main theme.

External links:

Not sure how long this will be online so download it if you’re interested.  If the player doesn’t work for you, you’ll need the DivX Driver.

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