Mission to Hell – Chapter 1 – Kim Possible Fanfiction

My first Kim Possible fanfiction. Here’s Chapter 1. More to follow soon I hope.

Ron dies at the hands of Shego during a mission. Instead of going to Gehenna, he winds up in the Christianity hell. Kim Possible
has to go rescue him with the help of some of the others from the show.
(While I’ll be the first to admit it, I don’t follow comics but I am
aware of the story line concerning Dr. Doom and this is sort of based
on that) This one will get a mature rating right out of the box even
though it’s more for the subject material over anything else. I do have
a pair of cross over cameos planned for this. And stuff from the
Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony comes to mind as

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Kentucky Fried Cynic

daria.jpgDaria, dressed in a silver jump suit walks through a Lawndale High corridor. We hear the following voice over as she slides on a pair of elbow pads and straps on a helmet, tucking her hair underneath.

VO: It’s been said that the test of a woman’s courage is how she performs in the face of danger. Well, in the next half hour, you’re gonna meet a very unique breed of cat. The kind of woman who doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear. Daria Morgendorffer, part-time high school student, full-time daredevil. A woman willing to risk her life for the sake of adventure. She has to chase it, confront it, and whip it. Daria Morgendorffer, Danger Seeker!

She stops directly in front of Jane and takes a deep breath. Jane is inquizative with the strangely dressed Daria.

“Jane, I kissed your boyfriend.”

Daria turns and runs like a bat out of hell as Jane’s mouth drops.

“Oh, you are so dead….”

Jane chases after her.

Daria Iron Chef – Write what you know

daria.jpgDaria took a sip of her soda. It had been an easy day for the most part as she glaced over her ticket screen. A couple of plug ins she had to install for some of her users, a small bug report, and someone asking for an extention on their bill. She wondered what was for dinner as she opened her next ticket.

“Something doesn’t work on my website. It’s real annoying. Fix it.”

Daria paused. Now that was different. No wonder the techs with the company she outsourced her level one tech support had forwarded it on to her. She looked to see who submitted the ticket. Daria didn’t recognize the return email address. That was a tad unusual but not unheard of. Might be someone travelling. ‘Oh well’ she thought as she began pasting in her response.

“Thank you for contacting Customer Support. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you without more details concerning the problem you are having, for example, the URL of the website you are visiting. If you are able to, please submit the webpage you are having the issue with and we will get right back to you. Best regards, etc…”

She didn’t have to wait long for the response.

“That’s why I’m paying you money. Fix the problem I’m having.”

Daria banged her head against the table.

Daria Iron Chef: Write what you know


Daria from MTV

Daria from MTV

Daria slapped her arm and said, “Die, you unclean spawn of Barch.” She lifted her hand to see the mangled remains of a mosquito.

Quinn looked over. “Ewwwww!!!! Daria, how could you?”

“Don’t worry. We can fix him.” Daria pulled out a device and slowly passed it over the dead blob on her arm. After a few moments, Daria paused and looked at the device. “Oh, my mistake. That’s a salt shaker.” She tossed it over her shoulder, pulled out a second device and began passing that over the blob. This device gave off a siren type noise.

Daria in Three Hundred Reasons Why We’ll Never write for MTV

daria.jpgDaria sliently closed the door behind her and looked around the room. Fifteen years. It had been fifteen years since she had last stood inside this room. The Principal’s Office at LAWNdale High School. Li had finally been busted for money laundrying and fraud years ago. They had replaced her with some guy who had stabbed himself with a spork in the lunch room within a year. They there was the replacement who had a thing for penguins and had tried to show off his “call to nature” in front of the student body. The former nun had been taken away for using a ruler on her students within two months. Replacement after replacement had passed through this room.

And, now, she was the replacement. Four years of college, a year as a student teacher, another year working on her Masters, eight years as a tentured teacher and a year as a department head at another local school. The county board had gone nuts with the idea of hiring back one of their own and had offered her the position without much debate.

Of course only she and the guy wearing the duck hat had applied for the job.

Daria slid around the side of the desk and into her new chair. She remembered the little Budda statue which had sit for so long on the desk. Daria thought many times about taking that statue and ramming it right up Ms. Li’s…

Daria gathered her thoughts. She was the one in charge now. She would make a difference.

“Ms. Morgendorffer, you have two students here who have been sent by their teacher for disrupting a class.”

Daria pressed the button on her intercom. “Please send them in, Mrs. Smith.” Daria sat up straight, folded her hands on her desk, and smiled.

She would make a difference.

“Um, Mr. DeMartino said that I had to come see you since he didn’t like my paper airplane in his class. Hi, I’m Kevin, Jr. I’m the QB!”

“You sure are, sweetie. And, I’m Brittany, Jr.!”

“Um, why are you banging you head against your desk? Do you need some asprin?”

Three Hundred Reasons Why We’ll Never Write for MTV

daria.jpgAnother shorty based on the MTV show, Daria. It’s a crossover with the Peanuts gang.

Daria looked at the calender and frowned. Another Valentine’s Day. She sighed and made her way to the mailbox out front. For some reason, she was always the first one home on days like this. She didn’t want to get the mail. Nothing was ever for her. Especially today.

She opened the box, peeked and rummaged through the short stack. Seventeen for Quinn, a flyer from that butcher Dad’s been using, six bills and something that looked like a legal notice for Mom. Screw it. She slammed the mail box door and stood up.

That bald kid was across the street checking his family’s mailbox. The kid with the big head and round nose. Daria thought hard to remember what his name was. Charlie? Chunk? She shrugged but waved. The round headed kid waved back. He didn’t have any mail either. Daria thought he looked like he was about eight or ten. Daria ran a hand through her red hair as she turned to go back inside.

At least he didn’t have to worry about girls yet.

Daria wondered if there was anything on television. Maybe some sort of special to get her mind off of today.