You Want Fries With That?


It’s being reported that a child was left in a local McDonalds restaurant restroom this morning here in Charlotte.  Go read the article first and then come back.

Finished?  Here’s my problem with the story.  In North Carolina, it’s legal for the mother to hand over her newborn  child, up to 7 days old to any complete stranger who’s responsible and walk away.

Any complete stranger.

Think about that for just a second.  Now I don’t mind having this law and to some extent think it’s a good idea.  Wouldn’t it be a better idea though for them to hand the kid over to, or, oh I don’t know, maybe a hospital or a police officer or maybe even walk over to the local fire station and hand the child off there?  How about a church?  Or a school?  Or heck how about a bank branch since we’re here in Charlotte?

Nope, not here in North Carolina.  It’s legal to drop the kid off at a pool hall with the bartender or the stripper working the table dances.  Or the homeless guy sleeping on the bench?  Or how about the parking attendant working the booth?  Or the McDonalds store manager who’s trying to get folks through the drive thru first thing in the morning?  Or how about the bus driver? (Actually that’s legal here in North Carolina as well.) The baggage clerk at the Greyhound station?  Heck, Bush is a responsible adult under North Carolina law.

Look, I’m glad the child’s being taken care of or hopefully will be but I have a problem with a wide open loophole like that.  Sure, there are a lot of responsible people out there who would do anything for that kid or any other child dropped into their lap.  But let’s make sure about it, OK?  I would think that would be a better idea.

Image from Calm Your Screaming Baby.

Rush Limbaugh Detained At Airport After Viagra Found

From here

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh was detained for more than three hours Monday at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida.
Authorities said they found a bottle of Viagra in his possession without a prescription. They said they confiscated the Viagra after finding the radio commentator did not have a prescription for the drug.

Woman Says McDonald’s Served Bloody Sundae

The Associated Press

GEORGETOWN, Del. — Was it blood or strawberry syrup?

Carmen Jara of Georgetown is suing a McDonald’s franchise, claiming her then-13-year-old son was served a hot fudge sundae contaminated with human blood. She said her son got sick and was afraid he’d contracted a deadly disease.

A judge has granted a request for a hearing delay by lawyers for the franchise operator, AJM Enterprise.

No date for a new hearing has been set. But Jara’s attorney expects the case to go to trial.

Jara claims an employee at the McDonald’s cut his finger and the blood dripped into her son’s treat they bought 13-months ago. She said a manager at the store confirmed that the substance in the sundae was blood.

The owner of the McDonald’s denies the charges. He said strawberry syrup probably just clogged the sundae machine.

So then, why did she take the sundae?