CTRL-ALT-DEL Tells Us Where Those Who Type In ALL CAPS Will Wind Up

capslock_abusersTim Buckley, the creator and artist behind the webcomic CTRL-ALT-DEL, tells us where he wants to send those who abuse their CAPS LOCK key and type in all capital letters.  This is part of a recent webcomic and upcoming poster entitled The Nine Layers of MMO Hell.

So what’s your beef about playing MMO’s?

Runescape Disallows Weak Passwords


I haven’t played Runescape in ages but I still poke over there ever so often.  I noticed today that the admins are disallowing the use of 500 simple passwords.

I have to admit that’s gotten me thinking about other platforms that I use.  Almost all of the platforms use some form of security for saving their passwords. (I throw that in there since Runescape doesn’t actually say that they’re doing that.  I do hope the passwords aren’t stored in plain text like some programs I’ve used in the past are.)

I would think that it would be fairly easy to create a script to runs through all of your users and sees if what’s saved in the database for their encrypted password matches a list of predetermined passwords already encrypted.

Getting those folks who do make a match to redo their password would then have to be programmed.


Play Devana


I’ve just installed a new game that folks can play online, Devana.  It’s a MMO browser strategy game in which users can handle economical, diplomatic and military tasks to further increase their empire.  You start out with a small town that you have to build up. (Here’s a hint: You actually have to create the town after you create an account.  Dashboard -> Towns -> Create a New Town.)

It’s quite similar to Travian if you’ve ever played it.  It’s kind of buggie to be honest and there’s no instructions yet.  If you get stuck, drop a comment here and I’ll try to help.

Playing dig’n’fight and…


…beginning to get myself up there.  Been playing for eons it seems like.  To the left is an edited screen cap of the current ranking page for Dig’n’fight.  I have a long way to go until I reach those heights.  Right now, I just want to pop into the Top 100 some time soon.  Probably take another month.

Feel free to give it a try.  It’s a browser based game so there’s nothing to down load.  You can play it while you do your work on line.  It’s like Dungeon Keeper if you ever played that way back when.

Are you a pirate?

drm-burn-in-hell-729666.jpgI was going to promote Shamus Young‘s webcomic Chainmail Bikini but it appears he’s no longer going to continue it.  Pity.

I will mention though that he has a pair of interesting articles posted about his take on Video Game Piracy and Digital Rights Management that may be of interest.  He even takes a shot at Penny Arcade’s new game,
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness

I don’t run into the problem of re-registering my games that much.  The computer I have at home is fairly old and most of the games I play came out when DRM hadn’t been created as a anti-piracy program.  I think the newest game I play is Morrowind and that came out in 2002. (I do have Oblivion but I know my system can’t handle the graphics. Maybe in a few years.) I’m still going through the old Dungeon and Dragon’s Gold Box games from way back when and those sit on my flash drive.  I have to type in a CD key when I install something but I don’t mind doing that.

One comment that bothers me is how some folks who have purchased the game have to obtain a crack just to get around the security program.  I had that issue way back when when CD games first came out. (Trying to remember what game it was.  Maybe Pizza Tycoon?) I had a CD burner in that computer at the time and the game saw it and refused to play.

edit: Oh, forgot to mention that Mr. Young also did a Lord of the Rings Photoshop’ed webcomic called DM of the Rings.  It’s finished now but it’s a good read.  I wonder if he’ll start a new one of the Hobbit.

Image from here.

Tales of Magic

TalesofMagic_teaser.jpgPlaying a new game.  Feel free to give it a try.  Still trying to figure it out.  You play a mage on do research and go on adventures.  It’s still early so you can get a pretty good sized jump on the game.

Here’s a description grabbed from the RedMoon site:

Tales of Magic
The biggest sorcerer´s school on the web has opened! The player learns magical spells, attack other sorcerers with fireballs or frost attacks and battle zombies and dragons!
Become the strongest sorcerer of all time! Come to Tales Of Magic!

Tales of Magic

Play Travian

Been playing a new Online game I found: Travian.
I’m linking to the main site but if you look along the top right there,
there’s links for servers for a number of different coutries. I play on
the travian.us server myself.

You start off with a tiny
village with only a couple of folks in it.  You slowly (and I do
mean slowly) expand by resource collecting wood, grain, iron and
clay.  Grain seems to be the one that goes fast as you have to pay
that out every hour for upkeep for your population and your
troops.  Yo can also build a warehouse and grainary to store your
resources, a marketplace to trade among other players, an Embassy to
form alliances, a blacksmith to strengthen your trrops, etc.

Feel free to give it a try today.  It’s one of those games that
you check in a few times each day for a few minutes.  And I’ve
added it to the links page.

Search Engine Smackdown

I’m sure you’ve head about Google Fight by now where you can Linus Torvalds matches up against Bill Gates or finally prove to yourself that Coke is better than Pepsi by comparing Google results between two different words.

Bringing it to the next level we have Search Engine Smackdown. Using the heavy weights of the Search Engine field, see how much trivia you know about the history of the market.