Borya’s Journey

I’ve blogged about Donna and Tommy Hendley’s Brandon’s Smile Ministry in the past.  Recently Donna and Tommy left the United States for Kazakhstan in an attempt to adopt a ten year old boy named Borya.  They’re over there for no less than 6 weeks and will probably have to return again in the future before they can bring Borya home to the US.  You can follow them on their adoption blog located here: Borya’s Journey.  Complete with pictures.

Neville Would Have Done It In Four Books

neville would have done it in four books

neville would have done it in four books

Yup, I like T-Shirts. (Especially when there’s a cute babe in them.) I had dozens of them when I was in college. Most of them were fairly well warn out by the time Angie showed up in my life. I know she was eying them hoping that I would get rid of them. (Me wear sweaters?  Eeew!  *shudder*) Just because there was a few holes in them.  They weren’t that bad.

Anyway I was poking around Topato and noticed this shirt created by the folks from Sam and Fuzzy: The Neville Would Have Done It In Four Books shirt.

Yup, it’s more Harry Potter stuff.  I’ve blogged about Harry Potter previously.  Who can forget 50 Things NOT To Do At Hogwarts?

Could Neville done it in four books?  I have to wonder.  I’ve always taken the view that while the Harry Potter books were fairly tight, I always wanted to know more about the school and what was happening in the background.  The movies are known for cutting parts out of the books.  If I said that Neville could have done it in four books, that means even more would have been taken out.

How Popular Is Your Site? Find Out With This Link Popularity Checker

im_popular_on_the_internetThis script comes from the fine folks over at Site Expert. (Oooooo, they even have a color chart.) Using this tool, you can check to see how many indexed backlinks lead to your site in such search engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a number of others.

The cool thing about the tool is that is actually gives you the numbers on the result page.  Some link popularity checkers only give you the links to the search engines themselves or make you jump through hoops to get the report.  This tool actually shows you the number of indexed links back.

So tell me how it works.  Feel free to brag about your link popularity numbers in the comments if you want.

Link Popularity Checker

Don’t forget out the other tools such as our Youtube Video Downloader, the Whois lookup and the new DailyMotion Video Downloader.

Image from here: I’m Only Popular on the Internet and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic.

CTRL-ALT-DEL Tells Us Where Those Who Type In ALL CAPS Will Wind Up

capslock_abusersTim Buckley, the creator and artist behind the webcomic CTRL-ALT-DEL, tells us where he wants to send those who abuse their CAPS LOCK key and type in all capital letters.  This is part of a recent webcomic and upcoming poster entitled The Nine Layers of MMO Hell.

So what’s your beef about playing MMO’s?

Organize Your Books With LibraryThing


I know I’ve complained about my local library previously but I’m a big book person if you haven’t guessed.  Heck, my very first blog post way back when was about cats in libraries.  When Angie left, all of my books disappeared as well.  I had a lot of books back then (I worked for Waldenbooks for a few years until I realized that I was going to make less than $20k a year as a store manager.) and I have to admit that I missed them. 

Anyway, through the magic of the Internet, I’ve been slowly rebuilding my collection.  I read mostly science fiction although I have been know to read other things a time or two.  Most of what I’ve obtained I have saved on my laptop’s hard drive and I read it from my iPod Touch with Stanza.

The biggest problem besides trying to convert those files to something Stanza can read is trying to keep things organized.  I find myself using Windows search function just to find out if I have a certain book or if I have to go looking for it.  Some folks have suggested different organizers to keep things sorted but all the ones I’ve tried either didn’t work the way I liked, converted the books into weird formats or made multiple copies killing the space on my drive, or just didn’t work at all.  Right now, I’ve got a directory labeled Books on the hard drive, the 26 letters of the alphabet underneath that, and a separate folder under each of those for each author by their last name.  Not the best of solutions but they’re sorted.  The problem though is there’s no easy way to tell what I have, what authors I have, and what I’m missing. (Some of the files are corrupt as well which makes me check each and every one but that’s besides the idea of this post.)

Having a few extra bucks at the end of this month, I’ve gone ahead and paid for a year’s subscription over at LibraryThing. (I feel bad that I only had left six bucks left in my Paypal account instead of the ten that they ask for but they took it.  Hopefully I can add more to that later on someday.)  LibraryThing is an online category system that allows people to organize and catalog their book collections.  I’ve only got a single book cataloged so far (They have a limit of 200 books for free accounts.) but now I’m going to try to get more of what I have in there. (edit: Oops, got two in there now.  Been reading The Black Unicorn lately so I went ahead and added it.)

Anyone care to show off their own collections and give me another reason why I need to get organized?

edit: The image is from the LibraryThing website.  I don’t see the legal information there though so I can’t give credit besides that. 🙁

Thanks For The Thanks Button


I noticed this site got mentioned over on the forums.  I’m surprised they didn’t make it a sticky since they seem to like the idea of folks spamming their product. (Of course this doesn’t surprise me one bit.)

But anyway, you can put a Thanks Button on your site.  Looks fairly easy to do.  There’s no JavaScript or Flash so it should work on any platform. You can even see where folks are thanking you from.

1977 the Comic

1977 the webcomic

1977 the webcomic

I have to admit that I stay away from promoting *cough* adult webcomics that I read.  Knowing that I spend most of my time in the library, it’s kind of hard to read them.  Sometimes the librarians peek over your shoulder to see what you’re working on.  They probably wouldn’t like some of the webcomics that I read.

Anyway, here’s a plug for 1977 the Comic.  It’s a borderline comic with a fair amount of skin.  Heck, one look at the header image will probably tell you that. You’ll also have to deal with the occasional peek as well.  That doesn’t bother me but I know it does with some.  The drug and alcohol references will probably set off a few folks as well.  And, considering it’s been restarted a couple of times, that may set off even more folks.

So why should you read it?  Well, it’s funny.  I haven’t seen a dud comic yet.  W. Byron Wilkins, the creator, artist and writer, is fairly good with updating twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.  I enjoy his artwork as well.

Feel free to give it a try.  Just make sure you do read it in front of any nuns.

Web Page Analyzer

analyzer.jpgJust a quick plug for the Web Page Analyzer. It’s a free web page analysis tool that calculates page size, composition, and download time. Gives speed recommendations based on best practices for usability, HCI, and website optimization. In other words, it looks for problems with your site like you have too many images or scripts, the images are too large in filesize, etc. I just used it for someone and wanted to give a plug. I use the site a number of times every day. I’ve had it bookmarked for ages but I finally got around to adding it to the links page.  I hope it helps you as it does me.

And, no, that’s not an image from the site.  Just something I found elsewhere.