Webcomic Plug: Questionable Content


Reading Questionable Content today.  Have to admit that the previous times I’ve read this, it didn’t make much sense to me.  I could relate to today’s comic though as it happened to me a couple of times with Angie. (I one before that was pretty funny as well.  Especially the last panel.) I’m going back through the series from the start today.  It’ll take awhile.  I’ve got time as I’m converting about 20 gigs of music into something my iPod Touch can play.

Webcomic Plug: Gets a Job


No, not “Get a Job,” it’s a “Gets a Job.” 😉

I haven’t done a plug for a webcomic in quite some time.  Kind of done that on purpose as I’ve got something planned on that front maybe some day in the future. (heh.)

Just wanted to throw out a quick plug for Gets a Job.  The concept is fairly simple.  The creator/ writer/ artist/ the dude in charge comes up with a “pop/historical figure” and drops them into a job position not like what they’re known for. (And then of course draws the picture that makes it into a webcomic.)

He also takes requests and you can find his email on the site.

Imy the Comic

Imy the webcomic with a bad computer

Imy the webcomic with a bad computer

Running out the door for the night but I wanted to give a quick plug for Imy the Comic.  I found it via a twitter that I’m not going to go back looking for.  Probably one of Frumph‘s.  It started out as one of those “The artist as the main character but, as the creator Irma puts it, it’s developed a life of it’s own, even down to strips about the hair color of the main character.

Please kindly give it a read.  It updates on Mondays and Thursdays.

New Webcomic – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

saturday morning breakfast cereal webcomic

saturday morning breakfast cereal webcomic

I haven’t added this to the link list but I wanted to give a quick plug for Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It’s one of those once a day, random topic webcomics. I don’t normally read those but the comics did give me a chuckle.

I found it as it was one of the Project Wonderful bids that came across that account.  I’ve been finding a number of new webcomics via those folks.

Yet Another Webcomic Plug: Sheldon


I actually added this to the webcomic list a few days ago but never got around to blogging about it.  I’ve been reader the Dave Kellett webcomic Sheldon for a bit.  I can’t remember where I came across it but it’s good for a chuckle.

It’s about a ten year old boy for writes a computer program that speeds up the Internet and jumps his net worth up to $1.2 billion.  The story line gets away from the basic idea of the comic from time to time.  Looks like the comic restarted when it got picked up by United Features Syndicate in 2001.

Hmmm, that story line sounds a bit familiar.

Do you have any webcomics you want to plug?