What to read. What to read.


I throw this out as a post every so often. (Hmm, I could have sworn I had done it since then.) I think I’ll do it again.

Anyone care to suggest a new webcomic to read?  I have about a dozen or so that I need to add to the list.  Just wondering if anyone has seen anything new.

You can see what I read on the links page.

I do hope that if you take the time to comment, you’ll also take the time to explain why you like a specific webcomic.

New Webcomic – Ménage à 3


Ménage à 3 webcomic

Ménage à 3 webcomic

Still here and kicking.  Been really sick and buried in work when I’ve had time away from the doctors.

Here’s a new webcomic that I’m promoting that’s actually new: Ménage à 3.  It about Gary and his two new roommates, DiDi and Zii.  He has to get new roommates as his two previous ones, Matt and Dillion turn out to be gay and go off and get their own place.  The comic is not safe for work, contains nudity and should not be viewed by those who are offended by sex and sexual topics.  It updates three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Say hello to my little friend

DSCN0826.jpgMy sister has started yet another blog, Daily Dose of Bilbo.  She’s uploading a daily picture of one of her cats, Bilbo.  Feel free to ooh and aah.  This goes along with her other daily picture blog.

edit: I wonder how long it will be until her other two cats, Bossa Nova and Rosco, will demand their own step up to stardom.

reedit: I miss my own cats.  Thanks Angie.  Where ever you are.

What would you do with Spamchow?

Upstart Blogger is giving away the domain name, spamchow.com if you can come up with a good way to use it. I’ve gone ahead and made my entry.  For the last few months due to all the problems we have had with Akismet, (long story that I would rather not get into.) we’ve been using a reworked version of the old wp-spamassassin plugin, not just for wordpress but for other platforms as well.  I’ve been debating on making it available to the general public and/or turning it into a service.

Hattip: Joshua Goodwin.

Do You Work Here?


I can’t remember where I found out about this webcomic but I wanted to promote it here.  Do You Work Here?  It’s about the employees of Shop Mart, a Wal-Mart rip off and what they go though during their workdays.  It’s only been around since January, 2008 and they only publish twice a week so there’s not much back story yet.  The archives are a quick read but I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle out of it.

Great Looking Screencaps with SnagIT


For the last few weeks, I’ve been helping out James Farmer and the folks over at Edublogs in their support forum.  While there, I’ve been keeping track of The Edublogger, a blog hosted on Edublogs and written by Sue Waters.  She writes about using blogs as a tool in education.

Anyway, I’ve noticed some wonderful looking screencaptures on her site.  She tells me that she uses a software called SnagIT.

I’ll have to give it a try some time soon.

Some quick webcomic plugs – WebDonuts and Savage Chickens

Bruce Waginslaw left a comment awhile back on my post where I was asking folks to suggest some webcomics for me. He suggested two that he does. Gotta admit that I’m more into story line webcomics like Multiplex, MegaTokyo (which I still have problems spelling) and Order of the Stick while these are more one panel works but I did get a chuckle out of them so I’ll give him a plug and add them into the links page.

Savage Chickens and WebDonuts

Give them a try today and let me know what you think.  When you visit Savage Chickens, to flip through the comics, take a look at the Cartoons box along the left hand side.  That lists the current comic you’re looking at as well as the previous ones.  That’s the only way I could figure out how to go through the previous comics.

If anyone else cares to suggest a comic, please feel free to do so in the comments to this post.