Trying to remember a specific science fiction novel

I posted this on the Unshelved Answers forums but I thought I would post about it as well.  I’ve been trying to remember this title for quite some time now.  It was one of the books I lost with Angie.  I was in the middle of it when I had my health problems back in 1999 so I would like to finish it.


Just going to throw this out an yet another attempt to see if anyone
remembers it. It’s an Apocalyptic setting where the main character, I
believe a young female, is undergoing her adulthood trial which
consists of climbing a mountain. At the top she discovers aliens living

I remember it being a Science Fiction Book Club title as I received
it in the same shipment as Nancy Kress’ Beggars of Spain so that would
put it 1993ish.

It’s not Battlefield Earth which usually gets suggested to me when I ask.


Something I’ve noticed about the File trading community

toy.jpgThere are three times as many Romance books on the file networks when compared to the number of Science Fiction and Fantasy books.  I kid you not.  I’m looking at what’s been uploaded within the 48 hours over at Demonoid and there’s three times the number of torrents for Romance books compared to Science Fiction and Fantasy

And you all thought it was the geeks who ran the net.

Friendly reminder about the Romance Novel Cover Generator. Image from here.

Watch Babylon 5 – Mind War

Babylon 5 logo

Babylon 5 logo

Yesterday we had Babylon 5 – The Parliament of Dreams.  Today we have Mind War.  A genetically altered telepathic fugitive hides aboard Babylon 5 and seeks help escaping his pursuers before he mutates into a destructive superbeing. Catherine experiences an incredible encounter with an alien spacecraft.

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Watch Babylon 5 – The Parliament of Dreams


Yesterday I added in Babylon 5 – Born to the Purple.  Today, we have The Parliament of Dreams.  Give it a watch.

Description: G’Kar is hunted by a hired political assassin. Sinclair and Catherine reconcile their past differences and renew
their romance.

edit: I really wish Hulu would let folks embed the high resolution version of their videos

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Watch the Babylon 5 pilot – The Gathering

b5logo.jpgA long time ago, I was adding in the Avatar: The Last Airbender videos to the site here.  I was adding in one a day just as an excuse to watch the shows in order.(Yes, I know I have to go back through and readd them in.  It’s on my todo list.)

I’ve decided to start doing that again.  I’ve been watching a number of different series over at Hulu and they allow shows to be embedded.  Lets give it a try.

Today, we’re going to start off with Babylon 5.  Angie and I were both fairly big fans of the show.  I always thought it was well written and filmed, had just enough comic relief in it, wasn’t as neat and clean as Star Trek was, and had a decent plot line to it.  The physics were a bit off but not too bad. (Sorry but you can’t hear explosions in outer space.)

I liked the pilot a lot.  Felt a bit like Blade Runner with the music as well as how it was shot.

Description: The ambassador from Vorlon survives an attempted assassination soon
after landing on the Babylon 5 space station. The hunt for a prime
suspect turns up the unexpected.

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