Happy Birthday to the Internet

I’m a day late on this but April 7th, 1969 was the day that the first Request for Comment was filed. RFCs are the governing documents on how the Internet is supposed to run. Companies like GoDaddy and Microsoft don’t follow them that often but they’re supposed to. As I read RFC #1, it was about how data is supposed to be transfered from one computer to another.

Spam came later. 🙂

Intel Builds the Fastest Chip Ever


Computing took a leap forward when chipmakers started putting more than one core—or central brain—on a single chip. It was a way to make machines work harder even as they consumed less power. Just wait until a single chip can sport 80 cores.

The wait won’t be long. Chipmaking giant Intel (INTC) on Feb. 11 said it has successfully produced just such a chip, the size of a fingernail, capable of processing a mind-boggling 1 trillion calculations a second. The chip, which Intel claims is the fastest ever made, could start being used commercially in “in five years, if not sooner,” Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner says.

I wonder if it will still take Windows five minutes to boot fully though.


Toilet Water or Ice?

Jasmine Roberts, 12, won a top prize in Florida’s Hillsborough County’s regional science fair Wednesday for her project “How Safe Is Fast-Food Restaurants’ Ice?” She compared bacteria found in ice from fast-food restaurants with toilet water from the same restaurants. Her results showed 70 percent of the time, the ice held more bacteria than the toilet water, the Tampa Bay (Fla.) Tribune reported Thursday.

From United Press International – Florida kids win science fair top prizes. Read about it from here.

The sun is going away, but don’t panic…

From here:

ABUJA (Reuters) – The Nigerian government, anxious to avoid a repeat of riots that marked a solar eclipse in 2001, warned citizens they may suffer “psychological discomfort” during a new eclipse this month but urged them not to panic.

Information Minister Frank Nweke said an eclipse five years ago caused riots in northern Borno state because people did not know why it happened.

“Some people even felt some evil people in their communities were responsible for the eclipse,” he said in a statement on Thursday aimed at reassuring Nigerians that the eclipse is expected to darken parts of the country on March 29.

“The eclipse is not expected to have any real damaging effect, only social and psychological discomforts are envisaged,” Nweke said.

He did not explain what the discomforts might be.

AOL News – Cavemen Preferred Blondes

From here

Back in the ice age, Northern European cavemen got all the chicks.

Thanks to a food shortage and a man shortage about 10,000 years ago, men were in such demand they had their pick of mates.

With so much competition among women to find a mate, nature and
evolution kicked in to give some cave women a distinctive look to
attract the opposite sex: blond hair and blue eyes.

So says a new study published in the British science journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

Found here.