Jen Learns the Importance of Backing Up Her Data


Yup, still here.  Doing the Salvation Army bellringing so updates may be a few days apart.  Plus it appears my camera is now busted.  I guess leaving it in the backpack wasn’t a good idea.

My sister, Jen, got a write up about her experiences with writing her novel for National Novel Writing Month.  Turns out her computer “crashed” and she lost the work that she was working on.  Now she’s got a “new, shiny flash drive” and is working on a new novel.  No news if she will rewrite her lost work.

What’s actually interesting is that I’ve given some thought about trying to find older, used flash drives and giving them out to the local homeless who need or want them.  Not sure what folks do with their older ones.  Seems like I use all of mine but I only have a couple.  I do get asked occasionally for one and, if I have one to spare, I give them out.

One of these days I’ll have to finish my writings.

Say hello to my little friend

DSCN0826.jpgMy sister has started yet another blog, Daily Dose of Bilbo.  She’s uploading a daily picture of one of her cats, Bilbo.  Feel free to ooh and aah.  This goes along with her other daily picture blog.

edit: I wonder how long it will be until her other two cats, Bossa Nova and Rosco, will demand their own step up to stardom.

reedit: I miss my own cats.  Thanks Angie.  Where ever you are.

Play a Daily Sudoku Puzzle

sudoku.jpgJust a quick note to mention that I’ve added links to the Daily Sukoku puzzles over on the USAToday puzzle site to my Daily To Do list.  I’ve been playing them for quite a while now and can usually solve them.  They don’t always score them correctly (Todays was a five star pluzzle which usually means it’s the hardest to solve but I found it quite easy.) and it is a source of enjoyment.  (My thrills are cheap and easy.)

Maybe someday I’ll learn how to spell Sukoku correct.  And maybe Firefox will add the word to it’s dictionary. 🙂

If you get stuck like I do on occasion, check out this Sudoku Solver for help. (It’s currently down for some reason.  Hopefully it’ll come back shortly.)

edit: Oh and my sister is giving away my old Star Trek books. 🙁

Your spare square can help cats

I’ve been meaning to write this one for quite some time.  You’ll have to forgive me for coming so close to the deadline.  My sister pointed me towards this.

Bangor Daily News is getting folks to knit or crochet a 6-inch square from washable yarn, such as cotton or acrylic, and send it to them. They will be sewn together into small blankets and donated to The Animal Orphanage and the Bangor Humane Society to serve as bedding for cats.

The deadline is February, 26th (I know.  I should have posted this earlier.) and those who get the squares in before then will have their names entered into a drawing form a couple of books.

More information here.

Cough up a few bucks and get a slightly used username over at Livejournal

livejournal.pngI was poking around my sister’s LiveJournal site (Side note: She’s started one of those A Picture A Day sites as well) and noted that Livejournal allows their endusers to get previously used names that have been recently “deleted and purged.”  You can change the URL of your site for $15 bucks. (As I read it, you may have to cough that up if you get one of the used names.)

Gotta admit that I don’t know how I feel about that.  While I may gripe about and their lack of respect for their volunteers who provide the first line of support in their forums, one of the pluses I’ve had for the service is how they don’t reuse usernames.  Allowing such a feature may lead to problems with personal identity theft, confusion, and the like.  Livejournal will only keep a name around unused for 30 days. (At least that’s how I read it.) That seems like too short of a time in my opinion.