Looks like WordPress.com has gone pro-spam


A few days ago, I wrote about a splog over on wordpress.com that I had reported a number of times that, after a pair of “Report as Spam”  and a support ticket still remained online.  It took three hours after blogging about it but it finally came down.

Folks have written that wordpress.com is as spam free as possible.  In fact, Matt Mullenweg recently commented that they’ve removed over 800,000 such sites from the service, 24% of all blogs created on that site. (I agree with the commenter.  The math is off.) That number seems rather low to me considering that numbers between 50% and 77% get used all the time.

I’ve questioned this in the past a number of times as it really sounds like PR coming from Automattic. (And if you haven’t figured out yet that anything coming from Automattic should be questioned, you may want to give that some thought.) Simply going around the site with their Next Blog link in the admin bar will usually show a number of splogs.  I’ve always reported them in the past.

Here’s something else I’ve been doing.  I’ve bookmarked every splog reported since the middle of January, 2008.  I have a list of 917 splogs located on wordpress.com that, having just checked a large random sample of them, appear to be mostly still on line.  Nearly a thousand.  You would think that a site that’s going around and stating how anti-spam they are would have deleted them a long time ago.  Guess not.

Here’s a sampling from that list.  These are 70 that were reported this past weekend that as far as I can tell are still online as of today.  They’ve all been marked with nofollow and noindex so they won’t get any credit from me.

I wonder how long it’ll take for someone to catch up on these.  I also wonder what the problem is this time.

edit: Here’s another one.

digg_url = ‘http://digg.com/tech_news/Wordpress_com_and_Automattic_turn_pro_spam’;

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Is WordPress.com going Pro Spam?

Wordpress ethics

WordPress ethics

Say hello to Poker 101.  I don’t normally link to sites filled with affiliate links and the like (At least I try not to.) but I’m making a big deal about this for one very good reason.

It’s still there.

You see, a couple of months back, I noticed (see the comments section) that sometimes I had to resend spam reports into wordpress.com when they didn’t get acted upon them.  Now, I know it’s only Mark over there dealing with those reports (Lloyd used to do them as well but I noted that he got removed from that position.  At least he’s no longer following up on reports any more.) but after two reports sent in previously, (and a third one in today) the site is still there.

– Affiliate links? Check

– Adverts? Check
– Content stealing? Maybe.  Copied at least.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this either.  This guy had his sites up for more than a week after first questioning what the issue was.

Sure, maybe wordpress.com has a public face of being anti-splog.  We all know that previous experience shows otherwise.

What would you do with Spamchow?

Upstart Blogger is giving away the domain name, spamchow.com if you can come up with a good way to use it. I’ve gone ahead and made my entry.  For the last few months due to all the problems we have had with Akismet, (long story that I would rather not get into.) we’ve been using a reworked version of the old wp-spamassassin plugin, not just for wordpress but for other platforms as well.  I’ve been debating on making it available to the general public and/or turning it into a service.

Hattip: Joshua Goodwin.

Blogger.com gets some revenge on Mediamax

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Blogger but tonight I have to give them a pat on the back.  I just read on Mediamax’s new blog that their old blog has been labeled a splog and they no longer have access to it.

Why do I get the feeling that somewhere out there, a Blogger employee with a free or low end account on Mediamax recently got an email from Mediamax telling them about their upcoming changes and how they either had to upgrade to a pay account or lose all of the data?  I have to admit that even I would have a hard time not pushing that button if I was sitting there looking at gigs of files, not being able to retrieve them, knowing that they’ll be deleted in a few days, and knowing that Mediamax could really care less.  That’s what they did it me.

Way to go, Blogger.  Now if you could just go ahead and mark their new blog

Edit: Want to see something really stupid?  I just realized that they signed up for the same service that previously marked them as a spammer.  I guess they didn’t take the hint.

So long, HopOne

A can of Spam

A can of Spam

For the longest time, I’ve been getting comment spam from the IP address, an IP address belonging to HopOne, a hosting company based out of Virginia.  It’s always been the same address, they show up every couple days, spam a bunch of posts with their unwanted comments, and then I won’t hear from them for a bit.  We have other IP addresses from these folks on record for comment spamming as well.  I’ve complained a couple of times but wasn’t able a ble to a few days ago when they did their run.  HopOne’s complaint form locked me out saying that I had already complained about the IP address is question.

Please kindly think about that.  They don’t want to take a complaint because I’ve already complained about that specific IP address.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to actually deal with the complaint and look into the matter?  Guess not…

Well if they don’t want to take a complaint from me, I guess I don’t have to take traffic from them.  I strongly encourage folks to place the following deny blocks in their site’s .htaccess file so to block abuse from those folks.  Maybe they’ll take the hint someday.

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How’s this for irony?

I just received a political spam for a candidate running for a not-local-to-me house seat.
Mailed via an open relay (ie DNSstuff.com doesn’t allowing linking to results anymore) located in Iran.
How’s that for irony?

Got called a spammer this morning

*chuckle* Gotta love this:
I’ve been playing RuneScape for the past few days and spending time over at Sal’s Runescape forum. I had a question about carrying gold and asked it. During the discussion, I thanked the responders for their responses trying to be polite.
Imagine my surprise when I get a note from a moderator over there stating that I had spammed. His reasoning was that if a post does not add to the content of the discussion, it would automattically be considered spam.
While I agree with that rule, can understand it and fully support it, please note that my thanking folks for their time is considered spam. That means politeness is spammy. Whoa!
I also disagree with that I didn’t add to the content of the discussion. My thanking folks acknowledged that I read the discussion and thanked them for their time. I had been told by another moderator that we should always stated that we had our questions answered and that’s what I did.
So I’m an evil spammer. I guess I should go hang my head in shame. Mind you that the forums are filled with worse issues that are being ignored.
Bloodly hell.