Han Solo, P.I.

HanSoloLong story why I haven’t been around much.  I’ll discuss it another day.

This video came across Twitter a few days ago.  I have to admit that I was a fairly big Magnum, P.I. fan growing up.  Whoever did this put a fair amount of time into pasting up the video and matching it to the original opening credits of that show.

You can watch Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) play a decent Tom Selleck (otherwise known as Thomas Magnum) after the fold.

And remember, you can download the video on the YouTube Downloader (Yes, it works again.  Sorry about that.) as an *.mp4 file.  It’s supposed to be available as an HD *.mp4 file but I can’t get the link to work right.  Maybe it’ll work for you.

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How do you celebrate Christmas?

star-wars-kotor-cover.jpgYes, I’m this far behind on my posts.  Oh well. 

I was looking over Sue’s blog over at EduBlogs for something and came across this post about Christmas traditions. 

Usually folks remember that folks are in need on the holidays so the
churches and organizations that I normally help are flooded with
volunteers so I have to find myself something to do.  I usually dig out an old Star Wars computer game to waste the day.  This year, it was the original Knights of the Old Republic.  I finished it once playing the Light Side a long time ago when it first came out.  One of these days, I’ll play the Dark Side just to see how it plays.

Haven’t finished it yet.  Need to someday.

So what did you do on the holiday this year?